{A2K} Motel

{A2K}'s 1st COD4 sniper map


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{A2K} Adamski has created {A2K}'s 1st COD4 sniper map. It’s been 3ish months to create and would love for everyone to play it and give feedback to any mistakes I’ve missed or suggested improvements to make before we launch the final version. You can check out some screen grabs on our website, or you can connect up to our COD4 sniper server to play it in action. We are going to leave it running continually on our server for a short time so everyone when possible can test it out for themselves.

We look forward to hearing back from you all.

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Authors name: {A2K} Adamski

Authors Email: info@aim2kill.co.uk

Authors Website: http://www.aim2kill.co.uk

Map Title: {A2K} Motel

Map Version: Beta3

Associated Game: Call Of Duty 4 - MP - Sniper

Construction Time: Jan 18th 08 to 24th March 08

                       Supported Gametypes                           

Team Death Match

                       Installation Instructions                     

On your server root /usermaps/ create a map called 


Upload both .ff files to that folder. Next go to your mod installation folder.  Server root /mods/*mod_name_folder* and upload the .iwi file to that location.
Final step is to add the map to your maprotation file in your mod folder.

If you have a redirect setup on your server you will need to repeat the steps above to the same locations on your redirect location.

                            Custom Content                           

This is only a beta version of my map. I don’t think I need to make any changes but as this is my 1st real map I decided it was best to get as much feedback from the COD community for suggested feedback for improvements for the final release.

This map has been designed for fast sniper action. It can have as many or as few players on the map that your server can handle. The main playable areas of the map are located directly around the motel building. I tested a version of my map that let you play in the hills of which we found rather slow and boring as you tried to look around the map.

                            Special Thanks                           

Big thanx goes to all that have kindly responded to all my many post on the forums. I would recommend to anyone wanting to try map making to visit the following websites.

Asoso101, nemo06c, Reoh 

Thanks to NovemberDobby, HarkoninVSC, {MASS}Sgt, & KillerCrazzy 


                           Additional Notes                         

Thanks for your interest in my map and will look forward to hearing from people with your thoughts. If you would like to contact me please read the full ReadMe file located in the download ZIP

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