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Here is a great looking mod from a new developer by the name of Agent. He has tweaked plenty of weapon details and even edited the helicopte...


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Here is a great looking mod from a new developer by the name of Agent. He has tweaked plenty of weapon details and even edited the helicopter. Agent has even imported the M21 model from the single player mission "All Ghilied Up" and silenced it. Check below in the read-me for all the changes and tweaks, and if it sounds interesting enough, then I suggest you try out this mod on your server today. :D


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Download '' (1.5MB)

Author: [Agent]agon000
Illustrator: [Agent]Vental_Sycant
Clan: [Secret Agent Clan]

 i don't mind if you put your custom clan logo (logo_cod2.iwi) on the main screen but please
 don't change the actual background picture if you can help it. 
 i may not make very much changes to the weapons file for this mod, but i can help you set
 up you own custom setup for the agentmod. if you wish to use the stock weapons then just 
 dont load the agent000.iwd as it contains the edited weapons. if you want your guns 
 tweaked differently email me at the above address and i may be able to help you out as 
 long as it is within my capabilities. 
 ( this applies to the helicopter as well... .ie see *HELICOPTER*)
-as a request please don't change the name of the actual mod folder due to the fact that
 if a player unlocks attachments i would like them to be able to join other servers and 
 use their newly unlocked attachments.

-pretty much just copy the whole "agentmod" folder into your cod4 mods directory and you 
 are now ready for chaos and carnage.


-implements a rapid rank system which allows the player to gradually receive xp
  until they reach the rank of lvl 55. when you start the game hold your "tab" key to check 
  your rank as you are lvling. what the mod unlocks is all of your perks ,guns,and the most
  important of all the "Create a Class". 
- at the moment the mod does not unlock the attachments ,but you can still unlock them 
  the way you do in the regular cod4.
- you can also complete all of the challenges from regular cod4.


- it is a custom edited weapon file that has had all of the guns tweaked to where 
  they are as close to the actual "realistic" versions of themselves. 
  i used some sources who play cod4 and have fired the actual guns in real life 
  to make them as accurate as possible.

*Agent000.iwd list*

-acogs sway has been reduced to decrease the chance of the gun sway glitch from happening.
 it also greaty increases the guns accuracy. :O
-sniper rifle scopes have had there gun sway reduced to decrease the chance of the gun 
 sway glitch. also slightly increases the guns accuracy. 
-pistols have an icreased spread when aiming down the sight to reduce the chance of 
 someone sniping across the map with a pistol.
- all assault rifles deal maximium damage up till around 276 meters in game.
- all smgs deal maximum damage up till around 150 yards in game.
- all pistols deal maximum damage up till around 50 yards in game.
- all shotguns have had their bullet pattern tightened and can hit a target at 75 yards.
- edited the G3 to be full auto.
- edited the m14 to be full auto.
- the m21 is now using the model from the "all ghilied up" mission and is silenced as well.
- m1014 shotgun has had its shell capacity increased to 6 and is now full auto.
- regular desert eagle is now a .357 mag desert eagle.
- gold desert eagle is a .50cal desert eagle and has a slightly longer fire time but does
  more damage with each shot.
-all assault rifles have had there starting capacity set at 90 for ammunition.
- berret recoil increased slightly to make it feel more like a berret.


- i have edited the helicopter to be able to shoot rockets instead of 20mm bullets. 
  the pilot now tends to cause an excessive amount of callateral damage and may accidently
  fire upon friendlies...

-if you are going to use this mod for hardcore. i recommend setting the players hp to 
 about 50 for more realistic gameplay.
-if you need help with a custom server.cfg i can help with that. Email is at the top of 
 this readme file.

-if you are a modeler and like making gun models i would be more than happy to incorporate 
 your models into the agent mod. im not 100% familiar with how to do it ,but i do have a 
 general idea as i was able to get the skin on the m21 from single player.

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