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Feel like modifying your gameplay experience by changing the spawn points and objectives? Well now you can with this new mod from CK_Lion....


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Feel like modifying your gameplay experience by changing the spawn points and objectives? Well now you can with this new mod from CK_Lion. Change spawn points, add objectives, and more with easy and simple DVars in the server's cfg file. If you are a server admin looking for something new, then this is a must download. :)


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=====  Another Gametypes Experiences modification  =====


   Description and informations :

This mod for the game Call of Duty 4 : MW allow you to modify the location of many things as objectives and spawns points on any map by using some simple dvars in the server's configuration file.

Game            :    Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare
Version            :    1.1
Release date    :    29 august 2008
Autor            :    Lion aka Florent POUJOL

Check the website for all informations : (en) (fr)


    Change log
        version beta 1 -> beta 2

- the bug which prevent to add CTF(B) and RE is now fixed
- all dvars have change. They are now standardized for it's more easy-minded now
- the dvars with "_angles" at the end don't exist anymore, but you can always choose the angle of some objectives
- you can now choose angle for both objectives and the bomb in SAB and SD
- for all gametypes (except KOTH and RE), you can now define until 10 positions for objectives which will be choose randomly at the begining of the map
- you can choose if yes or no, the objectives's position are changed each round in SAB and SD

        beta 2 -> 1.0

- All Oldschool Mode features :
   * delete misplaced perk or weapon already added on a map
   * add all mp weapons with all attachment + C4, claymore, rpg, frag, flash, concussion grenades and the 3 hardpoints
   * add 16 perks
- move objectives and objective base, in Retrieval
- new random layout system for objectives location

- FX's base and waypoints bad location in CTF(B)

        1.0 -> 1.1

- move or delete all spawn points, in all gametypes (including non-objective-based and custom gametypes (dm, vip...))
- all spawn points can be located easily with a waypoint

- system which show the coordinates and the angles of the player live, on the hud.

- delete flags / add flags D, E, F, G and H in Domination
- new waypoints for flags F, G and H

- compass waypoints bad location in CTF(B)


   Contents of this Package :

The .zip file named "" contain 4 files :

- "z_svr_age_cod4_v1.1.iwd" (the .iwd of the mod)

- "mod.ff" (the mod.ff of the mod)

- "age.cfg" (an example of .cfg file with all dvars usable with the mod)

- "Readme (age mod).txt" (the file you are reading, this readme)


   Installation and Use :

There is some full tutorials, in english and in french.

Check the forum : (en) (fr)


   Contact Informations :

Pseudo : usually Lion

e-mail : poujol.florent (at) wanadoo (dot) fr

My profile on AGE's forum :
My profile on Raiders Game Net's forum :
My profile on Caskami's Forum :


   Permissions :

You are free to use or modify a part or the totality of all files contained in the .zip file named "", including all files inside the .iwd file.

If you modify or use (i mean you copy and paste in purpose to use in one of your mod) a part or the totality of the script, you must give credits to this mod, thanks.

   Credits :

Thanks to DesignFlaw and Fraisouille for their suggestions and ideas.

Thank to Caskami, the French mapping and scripting community for MoH and CoD series

Thank to all mappers/modders/developers which made scripts and tutorials by which I learn enough things to develop this mod.

Thanks to you for downloading this file and for reading. big_smile

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