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Before The Dawn is a zombie Bot mod for Call Of Duty 4, Players have to fight against waves of angry zombies and try to survive until the la...


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Before The Dawn is a zombie Bot mod for Call Of Duty 4, Players have to fight against waves of angry zombies and try to survive until the last wave.

At the moment the alpha isn’t really a total conversion, but by the time the next update is released, we hope it will be on the way to a full multi player conversion with a lot more features

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Download 'before_the_dawn_alpha_001.rar' (31.58MB)

Call of Duty 4: Before the dawn zombie modification 
BTD alpha Version 001
mod creators:

AbneyPark - Mod founder/Scripter/Main dev team admin

Kill3R - scripter

Stabthecatt - Graphic Artist/Scripter

H0ly - scripter/General Development

Dimz - 3D Modeller

MaggotMaster - Concept Artist

Previous dev team members:

KYD462 - Ex Concept Artist

Official Before the Dawn servers:

XGS before the Dawn test server - - None camping server (updated often)
WJF Defore the Dawn clan server - - Camping server

About the Mod:

The mod is basically a zombie game type where you have to survive as long as you can, killing AI zombies which come in 
waves of your choice. Thats right Zombie bots.

So how do you play and customize

As you have the mod, with your own server or locally, you have full customization on the mod. Basically player have to 
survive from the zombie invasion, which the mod is entirely based on. There are waves which zombies will swarm the map 
and try to eat you, each wave the number of zombies increase, making it harder for the player. between each wave, theres 
a grace period (when its safe and all zombies are eliminated from the wave that just took place) there are depots which 
spawn on the map which regenerates your ammo, and gives you time to hide somewhere else. however, if zombies kill all the 
players, game over! Additionally most of the game settings are changable such as the zombies per wave; number of waves 
and grace time. Including much more such as zombie strength/speed. Look down to "Changable settings"

This version is an ALPHA release and not feature complete, expect to find a few bugs


* Waves of angry zombies
* Single Player & Custom Weapons
* Custom Rank System
* Ability for admins to use custom music (advised to get permission from artist first)
* Custom HUD
* Anti Camp System 
* Custom Pickup System
* Custom Menu
* Night / Day settings
* Custom vision settings
* 1st / 3rd person views
* Custom Server messages and kill spree messages
* differant wave settings
* custom admin features (pickups, vision & nightness)

how to install on your game server:

Simply edit your cfgs to how you want them (game settings). Make a new folder in your servers mod folder (rootmodsz"new folder here") Called btd_alpha_001. However you can call it something else. Then simply upload your updated cfg's/mod.ff/iwd's to the newly made folder.Then change the command line.

example cmd line to create a local server. 

create a shortcut to cod4 on ur desktop
right click properites
and edit the game target

"rootiw3mp.exe" +set fs_game mods/btd_alpha_001 +set dedicated 0 +set map_rotate +exec server.cfg"

For a more detailed setting up a server guide, for the people who are new to applying mod to game servers, go to:

Current known issues:

* zombies will sometimes get out of map
- fix - dont let players camp near edge of maps

* zombies somtimes go under the map
- fix - undermap timer, if zombies are under the map for more than 10 seconds they will respawn

* zombies walk through some walls
- fix -  dont camp on top of them, redone some more waypoints, some of this is related to how the map is made.

* gode mode bug where players wont die and can play in spec
- fix -  none in this version (this will be fixed ASAP)

* district and killhouse wont work with the mod. (leave off map rotaion)
- fix -  none in this version (x model limit reached)
Changable settings:

* zombie health
* zombie damage
* wave settings
* grace time
* night / day
* vision settings
* message settings
* pickup settings
* admin settings
* ingame menu

Special thanks:

All members of the dev team.

Crazyyankles and the sword for the SP weapons. 

Kill3R - For letting us use some of his K3 mod features (Fx)

IW Forums - Would also like to thank the guys on the IW forums for ideas and support

Finally a thanks to the pubs and BTD server users who constantly spam my xfire giving me ideas; asking for server admin and screaming at me when the server is down!

Also to the server monitors for keeping the servers maintained with the provided rules etc. 

Enjoy the mod!

Note: all files contained in the modification belong to the Before the Dawn development team and other parties stated (Sp weapon makers etc)
Please do not decompile the mod,ff file



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