CC Inn Dawn

nice small town map for COD4


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fixed some known clipping issues
changed the lighting to dawn instead of dusk, trying to do away with the "night map feel" as requested.
	-don't worry if you're all for the night map.. there will be
	an updated mp_ccinn_duskb1 coming very soon.
got the minimap and loadscreen working finally
	-currently the minimap isn't fully finished.. it's functional, but not as pretty as it could be
i've included an .arena file as well, but still isn't showing up in "start new server list" -oh well..

So here's for you all.  I have done local tests this time that didn't crash with a loadscreen or minimap
error this time.  I tested this so far just using the custommaps mod, so I'm not sure about compatability
with what else now, but support for mods that don't work now will be coming soon if you all let me know
what I need to work on.

Current gametype:
same as before - dm, tdm, sab, sd, dom, hq (ctf and whatnot still on the way)

put the usermaps folder into your COD4 root directory and then copy the included .iwd into whichever mod folder
you'll be using to run the map.  That should do it..  If you're running the map on a dedicated I assume you
know all about doing that.  If you've just downloaded this to check it out, once you've completed the above
steps, start COD4, launch the custommaps mod (or whichever you're using) and then in the console type

/map mp_ccinn_dawnb1

that should load it up and let you criticize and then comment..

Get in touch on the IW forums (dogmahtagram) or send an email to if you've got any
comments, suggestions, questions, whatever else.  Hope this works this time for everyone, and enjoy.


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