CoD: WaW Bolt Rifles Only Mod



This is version 2.0 of the Bolt Rifles Only Mod by Waffles, fixing a huge number of bugs and adding some new interesting things. This mod focuses on the skill of the player's shot with iron sights—not the luck of his grenades and machine gun spray. The mod offers you a selection of bolt-action rifles with bayonets or scoped bolt-action rifles. All the rifles have been super-powered to kill in one hit, and now this time they blow limbs off and spill guts. And for a fun spin, players who reach a configurable rank (default rank 65) gain access to working bicycles! The player will be able to ride a bike around the map, holding Use to get on and pressing Melee to start/stop moving.



Rifles mod v2.0
This is a mod that replaces the normal menu with a menu that only has the options for four bolt rifles. This mod focuses on the skill of the players forcing them to shoot rather then spray and pray. The player has the option of using either a bayoneted rifle or a scoped rifle. This also includes all rifles spiced up to kill in one hit, The player can also choose which perks he wishes to have from a list of nonexplosive perks.

To install, place all files in your selected mod folder (subdirectory mods/(folder name) ). In your command startup line, add the following commands +set fs_game mods/(folder name) +set fs_localappdata (your servers directory) 
The directory could be anything from c:/servers/waffles/server1 if you are unable to find the directory, contact the support of your server hoster.
*Expirenced Users Only* To Remove one hit kill rifles, open mp_riflesmod.iwd and navigate to weapons/mp and delete all the files in there

Admin Tools
Spiced up rifles
Bolt rifles only
Perk Selection
Always Gib
Afk checker
Perk selection.
Throwing knives
Welcome messages
Server messages
Jump height modifier
Fall damage modifier
Knife (or bayonet) only mode
Bikes for players who reach a certain rank predetermined by admin in config

Special thanks: 
Mr. Michigan for helping beta test
Tdi Clan
All the beta testers

Feel free to use this mod for whatever you feel like, just give me credit.

Questions? Feedback? Concerns? Contact me through xfire at: basheduwithaflopus

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