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comMod V1.0b is a fully fledged war modification for CoD:WW. Based on the original Promod our mod aim is to bring in features that community...


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comMod V1.0b is a fully fledged war modification for CoD:WW. Based on the original Promod our mod aim is to bring in features that community have been calling out for. Check the readme file for the full list of what is included in this mod.

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Introduction :

Welcome to comMod. A unified ruleset war mod for Call of Duty: World at War.
comMod started life as a modification of Promod to allow hardcore mode. Since those
humble beginnings it has gone on to become a war mod in its own right with many features added that have been requested by the CoD:WW community.

With custom weapon select menus, softcore & hardcore modes, sprint enabled, nade
cooking enabled, slight headbob enabled, scoreboard RUP scores no longer retained in
match scores plus many more features, this makes comMod the premium in unified ruleset war mods.

Why "comMod"? :

comMod started life under the name "noobMod", after alot of user feedback it was deemed that the name wasn`t appropriate for the direction that the mod was going. So
competitionMod was born (comMod)

Test Server :

Why not try the public comMod test server, always running the latest version. Give it a try,

Running in softcore/hardcore at random times. Get in touch and we`ll happily swap to your prefered mode of choice to give you the feel of the mod.

Changes :


v1.0b :-
- Custom weapon select menu introduced
- Range of team specific weapons introduced
- Public map rotation added
- Mosin rifle made 1 shot kill with matching recoil of Kar98k
- Reinstated sniper (Springfield) hit damage & recoil as per Promod
- Team kill with no death in Ready-Up mode introduced (must be put in a private mode to kick this off)
- Fixed missing sound alias spam in console on Airfield map
- Promod look up/down weapon selection removed
- Mode names changed to commod_mode public_10 etc.


v0.1 - v0.4 :-
- Default/Softcore mode introduced (HUD on, Crosshair on, health 100 etc)
- Hardcore mode name changed
- Half time scores stored (upon ready up all half time score, kills, deaths etc restored to half time scores)
- Score standardised, kill 5 points, plant/defuse 10 points, assist 2 points.
- Strat time lowered to 5 for private and public modes.
- Scores reset from Ready-Up period (Promod was retaining ready-up scores & adding
match scores to it)
- Obituaries reinstated (show who killed who, when someone died etc.)
- Destructable items reinstated (red barrels etc)
- Reinstated bomb icon (when bomb is on the ground)
- Removed hostname end branding.
- Removed Promod weapon modifications (recoil etc)
- Hardcore Mode introduced (HUD Removal, Crosshair off, health 42 etc)
- Headbob reinstated
- Nade cooking reinstated
- Sprint reinstated

Installation & Usage :

Upload z_1b_commod.iwd & mod.ff to a folder "comMod" within your "mods" folder. Call
the directory from your command line.

Mode usage :-

/rcon commod_mode private_MR (eg, private_10, private_12) [War Mode]
/rcon commod_mode public_MR (eg, public_10, public_12) [Public Mode]

/rcon commod_mode privatehc_MR (eg, privatehc_10, privatehc_12) [War Mode]
/rcon commod_mode publichc_MR (eg, publichc_10, publichc_12) [Public Mode]

Although there is a "Public" mode available, currently it will rotate through all maps available in CoD:WW and not follow your server rotation, this aims to be fixed in a future version but the "Public" mode is less important to us than the private (war) modes in which this mod is intended to be used.

Credits :

comMod created by datLicht & England4eva ('e4E.)

Major credit goes to Ryan 'raf1' Palmer who created the original Promod in which this mod is built on top of. Without him and his team of talented guys this mod would never be possible.

Thanks To :

UK|HD Boost - For many hours of testing and server usage, you`re truely a saint.
Phoenix - For general coding syntax help & class limiting help, you`re a true genius.
NovemberDobby - For patience beyond what is required, general tips.
Hustla - For providing the public comMod test server via
INconfuseD' ChZ - For tips/ideas and suggestions regarding softcore mode.
Testing... Nuupster, Scouse, Falco, R3negade, Chimp, JellyBe4r, Jam!e, JoosT & all those from UK|HD clan.

Contact :

datLicht :-
Xfire : thundernlight
Email : [email protected]

England4eva :-
Xfire : england4eva02
Email : [email protected]

Updates :

All future updates will be available from :-

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