CoD4 Demon Mod



new killstreak adds the counter uav feature from both MW2 and Black Ops. Call it in, and the enemy radar mini map is entirely disabled. This is better than GPS jammer as it isn't limited by how far away the enemy is.2. Carepacks - this is a feature DemonSeed tried to get to work a while back, but ran into problems with it. I completed it for him having overcome the "too many spawn entities" error he was getting. Carepacks are drop supplies. The idea is of course taken straight out of MW2, and now also Black Ops. Once awarded, you call in a supply drop by marking the location and waiting for the chopper to bring the supplies. The supplies consist of a randomised selection of all the killstreaks. 3. Gun Game - which is a new mod mode/gametype. COD: Black Ops is out now, and one of the Wager Match game modes is Gun Game. This is a gametype originally taken from a Counter Strike mod, but which also had a COD4 version of it made by a modder named Lepko. Lepko released the source code via the Openwarfare open source policy and it is now included in Demon mod.When using Gun Game, you have to set it as a mod mode as well as a gametype. Doing it this way facilitates the gametype so that you don't have to choose a class on entering a match.4. Medic Perk - now only players with the medic perk drop health packs (if enabled) and can bandage other players (or themselves). This adds a tactical feature to the gameplay, as you have to think more carefully about charging around getting your head shot off, knowing you can easily heal yourself with firstaid, or pick up a health pack from a dead enemy. If only those with the medic perk drop health packs or can heal, then you have to take more care.5. Sub-rank system - this is the first outing for a new feature to demon mod: the mod now has a sub-rank system which can control how things are loaded out to players. In this realease, it can control the way the dynamic perks are unlocked. Rather than all at once, you unlock the 3 dynamic perk menus layer by layer. This gives the player something to achieve rather than just give it all to him in one go without them working for it. This is dvar driven, and the admin sets how many kills the player has to make to get each layer unlocked.Only those items you want unlocked are unlocked. Those you don't want, stay locked.In subsequent releases of Demon mod, I will be adding more and more stuff to the sub-rank system.Please note that the Demon Mod does not support map 'Citystreets' because of the new models.


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