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Here's a new pack of CoD4 game saves by RedSkul. These allow you to effectively skip over the single-player campaigns and have all the single-player unlocks and everything without ever lifting a finger. :P If you're that type, download this set of saves!




Alllo, I beat the game in a day, wasnt bad but I miss vehicles :(

Anyways to installing, im assumeing you have COD 4 Installed already, and you created a profile. 

Find your COD4 Game Icon and Right-Click it.
Hit Properties

Then Hit "Open File Location" or "File Target"

Go into Players > Profiles > (Your Name)

Then Just extract this save folder over yours (or just put it in the folder listed below).

Tada Game Beat, All Level Saves, All Autosaves, Arcade Mode Unlocked, and Cheats in the options menu.

(In short you wanna be here C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players\profiles\Your Name)

Shouts the Brick NJ gamers


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