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Here we have another new mod for the CoD4 Demo simply called "CoD4 Weapons Mod." This weapons edit comes to us from GYSGT (a.k.a. {ReVo}TheG...


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Here we have another new mod for the CoD4 Demo simply called "CoD4 Weapons Mod." This weapons edit comes to us from GYSGT (a.k.a. {ReVo}TheGunnerySergeant[T]) and will give your weapons their official names, such as the Colt will now be displayed as "Colt M1911A1". Accordingly, the Russian weapons will also be given their full names, like the SVD will be the "Snaiperskaya Vintovka Dragunova." Thats a mouthful :D Check out the read-me for the full names of the weapons that are updated, and download this mod now! :thumbsup:

- djheps

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare-Weapons Modification

CUrrently changed the names of the weapons to include the name of manufacturer of the weapon, or in case of russian guns, the full name in russian

Installation: make a folder in your CoD4 directory called mods, than put in a folder in that called anything you want, than put the iwd into that, edit the short cut by putting at end of target line, +set fs_game mods/"name of folder in mods"
Have fun with the long names, this is just a test

Changes: Original Name ingame-name changed to (actual weapon modification if there is one)
AK47-Avtomat Kalashnikov 1947
Berreta- Beretta M9
Colt- Colt M1911A1
SVD- Snaiperskaya Vintovka Dragunova
G3- Heckler und Koch G3KA4
M4 Grenadier-Colt M4A1/M203A1/EOTech Model 550 AA Holographic Weapons System
M4 Grunt-Colt M4A1 Carbine/Aimpoint AB M68 Close Combat Optic 
M14 Scoped-Springfield M21 Designated Marksmen Rifle(magazine size upped to 20 rds)
M16A4 Grenadier- Colt M16A4/M203
M16 M203- Colt M203
M4 M203- Colt M203A1(max ammo dropped to 3)
MP5- Heckler und Koch MP5A3
RPD- Ruchnoy Pulemjot Kalashnikova( max ammo carried up to 800 for gameplay reason)
RPG- Ruchnoy Protivotankovyi Granotomet 7V[what is rocket propelled grenade in russian?]
SAW- FN Herstal M249 Squad Automatic Weapon(Magazine Size upped to 200 rds, max carried ammo upped to 800 rds)
W1200- Winchester 1200 (pellet count upped to 24)

Any C&C welcome, will be ready to transfer this to the retail game(need help understanding the fire rate and how it relates to rds/min and damage and its relation to the ft lbs and damage drop off if its in game)
Help from: fullmetal (iwnation forums), Sounds(mod cod4), slinger (mod cod4 forums)

Legal Stuff:YOu can post this anywhere, or use it for your own, but when if you use it for your own mod, please be kind enough to email me that you're doing so.

AIM(on all the time):DeltaForceOp95
Email(check it like 2-3 times a week)

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