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Shipping container prefab models with locking door bar


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Shipping container prefab models with locking door bar

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===CoD4 Container Prefabs Pack v2===

Author: Carcass26
Email: Carcass26[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk
Version : 2.0


This pack contains 25 prefab files, arranged as follows:

.x5 different coloured closed containers.
.x5 different coloured half open containers.
.x5 different coloured fully open containers.
.x10 different coloured individual doors for the containers.

===Update Info===

Simply added the locking bar models to the doors for an extra touch. Wanted to include them in initial
release but couldn't find the models.  Trust me to find them after they have been uploaded! Sorry... :-)


Extract the folder 'containers' and place it in

\Call of Duty 4\map_source\prefabs\

!***! If you downloaded version 1.0, extract the 'containers' folder to the exact same location as the 
!***! version 1.0 'containers' folder. This wil overwrite the folder and automatically update any prefabs
!***! you have placed in a map the next time you open it.

===How to Use===

In the editor, RMB inside the grid and select misc>prefab and navigate to the prefabs\containers\ folder
and select the prefab you wish to use.


These prefabs are free for anybody to use, but please give me some credit if
you use these in your map.

Any comments or suggestions welcome.

Thank you

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