Custard's MP Woodland Black Sleeve Skin

custards_mp_woodland_blacksleve_skin.zip —


Here is a very well made skin from Custard which changes the sleeves to a very nice black. It works very well in contrast with the camo protection over the shirt as well. Plus, Custard changed the sleeves that you have to black as well. Check out the screens below and try this skin today.




Custards MP Skin


This is my 4th Skin for Call of Duty 4 this is MP and it is Wood Land with black sleeves it looks cool like a Special ops team but it for you to choose and hopfully you like em :D --- but the only thing is i do not have a server so i can not get good pictures of them they all have to be laying down and streched sorry about that but they do look good and hope you like them 


Place my mod in your cod4 main folder and run the game simple as that

\\For not so clever people\\

go to mycomputer->Program Files->Actvision->Call of Duty 4 MW->Main->Paste


go go the same directory and delete it from main


I really do not mind people using my mod and placing it in with other mods just give me some creadit please

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