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Here's a modified version of the DAMN (v0.3) mod... Still way too complex for me to understand. :borg: Check out the ReadMe, and I'm sure you'll figure it out. ;)




DAMN v0.3

With the release of DAMN Competition MOD v0.3 we have also opened up a website: www.damnmod.com and an IRC channel: #DAMN. The website should help with distributing the mod and will be a resource of general information about the mod. Questions about installation and maintenance can be asked in the IRC channel.

Attention: DAMN was built specifically for SD but some features such as Ready Up and Strat Time do work for other gametypes. However these gametypes have not been extensively tested and thus there could still be some bugs. If your server crashes while playing one of these gametypes please contact us with the exact conditions under which the crash happened and we will try to fix it

    * Fixed Damage Table ( Increase Damage when u shoot the head, lower dammage when u shoot foot or hand....)

New Features

    * Mod is now be completely serverside (if correctly installed). See the Installation section for details.
    * Added cvar "dam_playout" that controls if a scrim is played out or not
    * Added cvar "dam_auto_ot" that automatically switches to the correct overtime mode if the map ends in a tie
    * Added cvar "dam_disable_fog" that sets r_fog 0 for clients on connect
    * Added cvar "dam_disable_mgs" that disables mgs on a map
    * Added European Rulesets
    * Added Pub / Scrim Modes for every ruleset (pub mode disables ready up, scrim mode enables playing out) 		Example:
          o dam_mode cevo (cevo match mode)
          o dam_mode cevo_ot (cevo ot mode)
          o dam_mode cevo_pub (cevo pub mode)
          o dam_mode cevo_scrim (cevo scrim more)
    * All Match modes enable auto overtime allowing overtime transitions to be much smoother
    * Added color to ready up and strat time text to make them more visible
    * Added ability to modify weapondamage in the rulesets by changing weapon specific CVARs
    * Added comp_sab and comp_dom modes at the request of competetive sabotage and domination players

      For all CVARs / modes available in the mod please consult the Administration section.

    * Some servers have problems with serverside only mods, therefore a client-side mod has also been released so 	that these servers can be updated to the latest version
    * Class limits are now correctly enforced.
    * You will now have to choose your class again after readying up, however it does save the changes you made to 	the class (choosing different weapons / perks / etc) . This is to fix a bug with the class limits.
    * Moved the Mode display on the HUD down a little so that it isn't overlapped by the fps display

As always if you find any bugs we don't know about please let us know right away.


In DAMN v0.3 we have switched the mod to server side only.

Right now there is a problem with server side mods and some server providers. The problem is that when the player tries downloading the mod.ff file off the server the download will get stuck in a loop and never let the player connect. If your server has this problem, please go to the Client-side Installation page to download and learn how to temporarily install the clientside version of the mod. Also please contact us with your server providers info so that we can sort out the problem with them.

**UPDATE** NFO servers should now be fully working with DAMNv0.3 and should no longer loop the mod.ff download. Thanks to nick from NFO for the speedy response time and for finding a fix for the issue.
Step 1: Unpacking the Mod

    * Extract the contents of the DAMNv0.3.rar file to its own folder
    * The DAMN folder should contain the following file(s):
    * The PB folder should contain the following file(s):
    * The following file(s) should also be in the .rar file:
    * Modify the server config included in the folder to your own server settings (password, rcon, etc.)
    * The included pbsv.cfg is the PunkBuster config for the CEVO Tournament. If you wish to use it, replace your   	current pbsv.cfg with the one included

Step 2: Setting up files

    * Move the DAMN folder into your servers /mods folder
    * If you wish to use the server config included, move the server.cfg (that you modded with your information) to 	your /main folder
    * If you wish to use the PunkBuster config included, move the pbsv.cfg to your /pb folder

Step 3: Setting up the server

    * Add the following to your servers command line: +set fs_game "mods/DAMN"
    * If you do not have access to your servers command line please contact your server provider and ask them to do 	it for you.

In previous versions of the mod it was possible to just rewrite the z_modwarfare.iwd in your mods/modwarfare folder to make it work. However if you try this with this mod. clients connecting to your server will have issues with invalid .iwd file references if they have other files in their mods/modwarfare folder. Therefore we strongly recommend that you follow the steps above to correctly set up your server.



The following are mod specific CVARs and explanations of what they do:

CVAR: dam_enable_readyup
Enables ready up for before the match and halftimes.

    * 0: Off
    * 1: On (default)

CVAR: dam_enable_strattime
Enables Strat Time. Strat time will run at the beginning of every round.

    * 0: Off
    * 1: On (default)

CVAR: dam_strattime
Sets the duration of strat time in seconds.

    * Accepts values between 0 and 15 (default is 10)

CVAR: dam_lefticons
Displays the amount of players alive on the HUD.

    * 0: Off
    * 1: Teams are represented by their name
    * 2: Teams are represented by their icon (default)

CVAR: scr_enable_hiticon
This is a stock CoD4 cvar that has been changed for DAMN. It controls the displaying of "hitblips" on player damage.

    * 0: Hitblips off
    * 1: Hitblips on (default)
    * 2: Hitblips on for everthing except for frag, stun and flash grenades

CVAR: dam_playout
Enables playing out matches / scrims instead of just ending at the scorelimit

    * 0: Off, game will end at scorelimit
    * 1: On, game will continue playing out till the roundlimit (default)

CVAR: dam_auto_ot
Automatically switches to the correct overtime mode if the game ends in a tie.

    * 0: Off (default)
    * 1: On

CVAR: dam_disable_fog
Sets clients r_fog value to 0 when connecting to the server.

    * 0: Off
    * 1: On (default)

CVAR: dam_disable_mgs
Controls the enabling / disabling of turrets on the map.

    * 0: Off (default)
    * 1: On

CVAR: dam_mode
Sets the server in the specified mode.

    * Example: dam_mode cevo_scrim (sets the server in CEVO scrim mode)

ATTENTION: After switching modes it is recommended to do a fast_restart / map_restart. Doing this should ensure that the mode functions correctly

DAM Modes

Commands for modes are separated for NA Leagues, EU Leagues and requested PUG modes.

All official modes come in 4 versions:

    * Match: Settings that are used for playing matches: auto-overtime on, playout off, readyup on, strattime on
    * Scrim: Settings that are used for playing scrims: auto-overtime off, playout on, readyup on, strattime on
    * Pub: Settings that are used for public servers: auto-overtime off, playout on, readyup off, strattime on
    * Overtime: Settings that are used for overtime : auto-overtime on, playout off, readyup on, strattime on

The default mode is the match mode. (ex: In the case of CEVO the match mode would be "cevo")

The following are the modes available in DAMN v0.3:
North American

CEVO Tournament

    * dam_mode cevo
    * dam_mode cevo_ot
    * dam_mode cevo_pub
    * dam_mode cevo_scrim

Xfire Tournament

    * dam_mode xfire
    * dam_mode xfire_ot
    * dam_mode xfire_pub
    * dam_mode xfire_scrim


(All European rulesets supplied by bilboeee)


    * dam_mode cb
    * dam_mode cb_ot
    * dam_mode cb_pub
    * dam_mode cb_scrim

ESL Tournament

    * dam_mode esl
    * dam_mode esl_ot
    * dam_mode esl_pub
    * dam_mode esl_scrim


    * dam_mode cure
    * dam_mode cure_ot
    * dam_mode cure_pub
    * dam_mode cure_scrim

CoD-Gamer Tournament (CGLAN)

    * dam_mode cglan
    * dam_mode cglan_ot
    * dam_mode cglan_pub
    * dam_mode cglan_scrim



    * dam_mode mr10
    * dam_mode mr10_ot
    * dam_mode mr10_pub
    * dam_mode mr10_scrim


    * dam_mode mr12
    * dam_mode mr12_ot
    * dam_mode mr12_pub
    * dam_mode mr12_scrim


    * dam_mode mr15
    * dam_mode mr15_ot
    * dam_mode mr15_pub
    * dam_mode mr15_scrim

Whack (PUG)

    * dam_mode whack

Domination Competition (PUG)

    * dam_mode comp_dom

Sabotage Competition (PUG)

    * dam_mode comp_sab


The following are known bugs in DAMN and fixes for different situations

BUG: Server crashing after Ready Up
TYPE: Server
SOLUTION: This seems to be only happening on european servers. We have tested the mod on various european servers both windows and linux with no problems. If you are having this problem please contact us and we will try to resolve the issue. Also please have your servers logfile handy when contacting us seeing as how this will make things go a lot smoother.

BUG: Class limits not being enforced correctly
TYPE: Server
SOLUTION: This is a known problem and will be resolved as soon as possible

BUG: Some servers do not work correctly with the server-side version of the MOD (mod.ff downloading loop)
TYPE: Server
SOLUTION: This is a known issue with some servers. Unfortunately this means that you cannot install the server side version of the mod until they fix it. Go to the Client-side Installation Page and follow the instructions f youthere to get the clientside version mod working on your server. Also please contact us with your server providers info so that we can resolve the issue.

BUG: Players are unable to select a team on connection to the server (clientside version)
TYPE: Player
SOLUTION: The player must have the the mod.csv file in his personal "mods/DAMNCS" folder

BUG: Players trying to connect to the server will get INVALID IWD FILE references
TYPE: Player
SOLUTION: The player must delete all the files in his personal DAMN folder and reconnect to the server to download the correct files


::Updated for DAM v0.2::
Added support for seperate rulesets
Added a "dam_mode" feature that puts server into designated mode

Added cevo, xfire, and pub mode rulesets with their respective overtime rulesets as well
dam_mode xfire - sets server in Xfire Tournament mode settings
dam_mode xfire_ot - sets server in Xfire Tournament Overtime mode settings
dam_mode cevo - sets server in CEVO Tournament mode settings
dam_mode cevo_ot - sets server in CEVO Tournament Overtime mode settings
dam_mode pub - sets server in PUB mode settings by removing ready up.

Added updated weapon files for CEVO Tournament mode
- P90 damage decreased slightly from 22 to 20
- P90 sprintlength modifier changed from 1.75 to 1.25
- Shotgun damage increased from 40 per hit to 60

Ambient sounds removed on some maps
Some ambient effects removed
Players can now look around / shoot during strat time
Damage during strattime is disabled to prevent spawnkilling
Holding onto a nade IN STRAT TIME to blow yourself up will kill you but not hurt your teammates
Strat time no longer occurrs in ready up mode
Updated pbsv.cfg to hopefully fix the lag issues

::Updated for DAM v0.1::
Added Ready up mode
Added sv_fps 30 script (BETA)
Fixed a few minor bugs

Previous Versions (xfire mod):

::Updated for final version::
Added Axis/Allies Left
Fixed Lean glitch
Added Official pbsv.cfg

::Updated in version (v1.4)::
Added strat time
Removed Bomb icons pre-plant and post-plant.
Added Sound for planting due to sites not being shown

::Updated in version (v1.3)::
Fixed which shotty was enabled
Fixed sniper damage, kills in one hit anywhere from the torso up, arms and legs do not kill.
Slightly modified the P90's damage, it takes a couple more hits to kill now. This puts it on an even level with the other weapons.
Fixed the spectator bug where it didn't allow anyone to freespec/spec players while in spectate mode.

::Updated in this version (v1.2)::
Fixed crashing issue
Changed a couple perks around

ModWarfare created by Infinity Ward
Mod Coding: Dan , Magnum
Website / Hosting: Ben , Scott (SOTF)
Mod Testing : Crimewave | Sphinx | Resurgence Gaming
IREV members: Frost, Mus and Night for finding a fix for the right lean bug
Original Mod created for Xfire Tournament
Original Installation / Known Problems instructions section by Keyhunt
Thanks to bulletworm and garret for PAM2 , Without it this mod would have taken a LOT longer.

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