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NovemberDobby has done it again with a brand new mod. The Zombie Mod! This mod adds a whole new gametype to CoD4 which is sure to make you h...


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NovemberDobby has done it again with a brand new mod. The Zombie Mod! This mod adds a whole new gametype to CoD4 which is sure to make you horror fans drool. There are two teams, the "Hunters" and the "Zombies". Game starts out with everyone being a hunter for two minutes, then someone is randomly picked as a zombie. That zombie must go out and kill as many hunters as he can with a knife or a throwing skull (blood pumping yet?) The game keeps on going till everyone is a zombie. The last hunter left alive is known as the last man standing, he gets an advantage to fight off the huge amount of zombies. This includes the superweapon, doing three times the amount of damage, and respawns if he gets 25,000 points. There is a bunch of extra commands in there for you server admins if you feel like editing some of the settings. If this lengthy paragraph and the screenshots below have not convinced you to try out this mod then I don't know what will, maybe the very in-depth read-me below. :P


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Download '' (7.64MB)

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#[RELEASE] Zombie Mod 1.1

Well, I started making this before the Mod tools were released as a little side project to test scripts, and then decided to carry on with it.

For the first two minutes of the game, everyone is a hunter. After that, a zombie is randomly picked and anyone who dies becomes a zombie (it's never the same person in subsequent games). The zombies have to go around finding the hunters to kill them (using a knife or throwing skulls) and turn them into zombies, until everyone is a zombie and the game is over. The last hunter alive becomes the last man standing, and is respawned with a superweapon (a blue laser) to fight off the hordes of zombies. He's always on the zombie's radar so can't camp, and can't hurt himself with any weapon (but can die by falling etc). He does 3 times the normal amount of damage, and is respawned if he gets above 25,000 points (probably camping).

Hunters can place mines, which 'instantly' kill zombies which come into a certain range of them. Each hunter gets 2 mines per spawn, and they'll only spawn as hunters before a zombie is picked. Hunters can choose any weapon in the game as is the case in Modwarfare. Hunters have unlimited ammo, and graves slide up through the ground when they are killed to become zombies. When you inflict or recieve damage, you see a small info line saying how much damage was done and to who.

Zombies can't use hunter's weapons and have five classes to choose from, each with various move speeds/special abilities/health amounts. 

#The five types of zombie are as follows:

-Fast/scout zombie (Health: 250, Speed: 120%, Knife damage: 20, Special: Skulls)
-Poison zombie (Health: 400, Speed: 80%, Knife damage: 20 [+30 over time], Special: Zombie call)
-Normal zombie (Health: 600, Speed: 100%, Knife damage: 34, Special: Zombie fart)
-Electric zombie (Health: 450, Speed: 85%, Knife damage: 33, Special: Lightning strike)
-Fire zombie (Health: 400, Speed: 90%, Knife damage: 25, Special: Ring of fire)

-Skulls: Fast zombies get two throwing skulls per spawn, when there is a certain amount of hunters left (default 10 or less). They do 35 damage.
-Zombie call: Puts a big red mark on the radar for the zombies (pretty useless but they have poison soo...)
-Zombie fart: Shellshocks any hunters within range, slowing them down slightly. Goes through walls.
-Lightning strike & Ring of fire: They both do 25 damage to all hunters within view, in a small radius.

Zombies' health regenerates 4 seconds after being hurt, but the only way for hunters to regain health is to pick up a healthpack (this is the newest feature, so can be disabled to change the balance). Your score is the amount of damage you've done to the enemy, as both a zombie and a hunter. Headshots [b]do not[/b] kill zombies in one go, they simply always do 80 damage. In my opinion, it's far too easy to kill zombies like that (same as zombies killing hunters in one hit). Special abilities can be used by pressing ATTACK + F, or whatever you have the use key set as.

There is no anticamp in effect in the mod- but some places are blocked off from certain maps (mainly to prevent boost jumping). For example, in Ambush you can get out of the map. I've stopped that with a few triggers that kill you if you go prone there. In total, there are nineteen kill triggers in stock maps, and three in custom ones. (haven't had much time to test others)

The quick commands menu has some useful features; thirdperson on/off, laser on/off, ghillie suit on/off, use special ability, suicide, and the normal team commands. The first zombie who is picked spawns with 1000 health, and drops a mine for hunters to pick up when he dies. Any other zombie drops a healthpack (+25).

The mod was released on the 13th April 2008, and is currently (14th) running on three servers:

The home (UK) server: (32 slot)

[C4C] (UK) server: (32 slot)

[CGC] (US) server: (64 slot)

It has proven to be very successful on the home server, and I've had lots of good feedback from it. I have certain...extra...commands on that server for when I get bored :P

#Setup info:
The three files you will need are:

They all need to go in a mod folder, the one I'm using is "modszomdb". If you use the same modfolder as me, for convenience, then don't(!!) change any of the files (apart from the cfg) and certainly !!!DON'T!!! put any map iwd's in there. That method of packaging maps died with COD4 patch 1.5, and will make everyone unpure, etc.

#The zom.cfg goes in Cod4main, and *must* be executed for the server to run properly. If it's not, it'll run each map for about 10 seconds before rotating to the next one. If you already have a cfg, the settings in this one need to override the current ones; you can either use both (exec zom.cfg second) or merge them. The mod is based on the team deathmatch gametype, so should be compatible with any map that can run TDM. There is one possible issue with custom maps; the xmodel limit. If a map has too many different models in it, the mod will cause a windows crash with COD4 (you might not be able to see the error message). It doesn't happen with any stock maps, but I'm only one model under the limit for those. Test maps locally before on a server.

#Future plans:
I have no real plans for the mod; it's stable now and updating it for everyone else would get messy. I'm pretty happy with it at the moment, to be honest. 

Below are the default dvars you can reconfigure your server with:

set scr_maxscore 25000 //hit this score and get respawned (same team), handy for the lastman as it takes away the laser
set lastfirstzom "lolol" //ignore - used to make sure the same guy isn't picked twice
set scr_mines 1 //mines on/off
set scr_darkskies 0 //skysphere setting, default off because I changed the textures instead
set scr_unlimitedammo 1 //hunter weapon ammo
set scr_c4 0 //0 = no c4, 1 = 3 c4 packs, anything else = unlimited
set scr_zommusic 3 //1 = zom_jeepride.mp3 (uo zom), (2,3,4,5) are stock  COD4 tracks, and 0 or anything else = no music
set zom_debug 0 //debug tied to my GUID
set scr_hunskull 10 //minimum number of hunters left before zombies get skulls
set scr_graves 1 //graves when hunters die
set scr_zomfire 1 //fire zombie body fx, 1 = distortion + flames, 0 = flames, <0 = nothing
set scr_health 100 //default health of hunters
set scr_invert 1 //set whether to invert colours when the lastman is picked
set scr_gl 0 //allow grenade launcher or not (from experience, I have them off on my server)
set scr_fog 2 //0 = no fog, 1 = stock map fog, 2 = black zom fog
set scr_drops 1 //whether dead zombies drop healthpacks & mines or not
set scr_ignorelastzom 0 //set this to one if the mod has trouble picking a new zombie (only picks with 3+ hunters)
set scr_lastman 1 //lastman gets a laser gun or not (only happens with 5+ players)

Maxscore is slightly bugged - if a normal player goes above it, it will try to respawn him but think he's cheating, so move him to spectators. Sometimes, double healthpacks or double mines are dropped too, if it does that then it'll stay that way for the rest of the game. Just turn drops off if it's a problem.


Ask me before modifying any of the files, although I'd prefer if you didn't at all. Don't change/add anything in the modfolder if you're using modszomdb.


*KiLL3R - letting me rip off some ideas from UO zom, making maps that force me to make fixes in my code D:

*Uncle Phil - buying the home server

*[CGC]Larry, [C4C]Dark - offering to host their clan's servers

*<|WE|> Dezerter - telling me that it lags if people left the server - in an old version (I couldn't work out why)

*SoaG / TyranicaL - idea for health packs from dead zombies

*Most people on my xfire for screaming at me if the server goes down

*Infinity Ward for a great game.

#Xfire: novemberdobby (please don't add me to ask 'how to make mods' :/)

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