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This is update v1.2 of Dobby's Zombie mod More info can be found here.


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This is update v1.2 of Dobby's Zombie mod More info can be found here.

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Download 'zomdb1.2.rar' (9.14MB)

This is update v1.2 of my zombie mod, at;89201


*Added a new zombie class, 'rabid dog'.
-Special ability: Avoid mines (lasts 15 secs, dogs slow down whilst using it)
-Health: 200
-(Bite) damage: 15
-Can't mantle or climb ladders
-130% speed

*Hunters become immune to poison after 3 (poison) hits. This is pretty rare because it takes two hits to kill them after all of the damage, but hunters can pick up healthpacks.
*Removed scr_maxscore and replaced with scr_lastcamp
*Overhauled class picking menu system - there's a picture for each class, you can see them in my signature
*Improved FX e.g. ring of fire & lightning strike, to add distortion and use cloud shaders instead of blobs
*Each class of zombie has a different effect when their body disappears
*Hunters don't drop weapons if they die before a zombie is picked; to stop people cheating and getting two weapons
*Zombies can knife/bite by clicking (when they're not holding the USE key)
*Mines spin whilst they fly up to explode
*Fixed bug where two mines/healthpacks would be dropped if a zombie was killed by a mine
*Fixed bug where a zombie picking a class would get killed, if a mine was close enough and a live zombie triggered it
*Added an autofix for when g_gametype isn't 'zom' - rotates the map after 20 seconds
*Added back the scorebar borders in the bottom left of the screen
*Modded all English intel to be relevant to the mod
*Added protection against map IWD's in the modfolder, and an unpure folder called 'zomdb1.2' as this is the one I'll use
*Made graves rotate to a random angle when they are spawned
*Tweaked some zombie skins
*Improved healthpack models
*Replaced Fire zombie scoreboard icon
*Made team radar icons invisible
*Semi-fixed bug where the console would scroll for a zombie who is picking a class- it doesn't scroll, but sometimes messages cover up the pick menu
*Cut down on mine explosion effect
*Dogs growl instead of moaning
*Added scoreboard icons for the hunters' states of health: <33 = red, <66 = orange, 67+ = green
*Added red FX thingy around poison zombies when they use zombie call
*Changed lightning strike damage to 30
*Added a crosshair for thirdperson (doesn't help much but some people asked)
*Changed fire zombie icon
*Fixed mantle/ladder bug whilst holding a skull - it would switch to the knife when you get off

All of the custom dvars:

set lastfirstzom "lolol"
*Ignore it, used to avoid picking the same person to be a zombie twice in a row
set scr_mines 1
*1/0 - enable/disable mines
set scr_darkskies 0
*0/1 - er, not actually used anymore, I should get rid of this.
set scr_unlimitedammo 1
*1/0 - enable/disable unlimited ammo for the hunters
set scr_c4 0
*-1/0/1 - 0 = disable c4, 1 = 3 packs of c4 at a time, -1 = as many as you want (unstable)
set scr_zommusic 3
*Music to use, 0 = disable, 1 = the mp3 in the IWD of the mod, 2-5 = various COD4 tracks
set zom_debug 0
*1/0 - Only works for me, tied to my GUID
set scr_hunskull 10
*The an amount of hunters at or below this number, and fast zombies will be given skulls
set scr_graves 1
*1/0 - enable/disable graves when hunters die
set scr_zomfire 0
*-1/0/1 - FX control for fire zombies, -1 = no effect, 0 = simple sprites, 1 = sprites + lights + distortion
set scr_health 100
*Default starting health of hunters
set scr_invert 1
*1/0 - enable/disable inverted screen when the lastman is active
set scr_gl 0
*0/1 - enable/disable grenade launchers
set scr_fog 0
*0/1/2 - 0 = no fog, 1 = map fog, 2 = black zombie fog
set scr_drops 1
*0/1/2 - 0 turns healthpacks/mines when zombies die off, 1 makes all zombies drop healthpacks, 2 does the same but the first picked zombie drops a mine
set scr_ignorelastzom 0
*Set to 1 if the mod is having trouble picking zombies. It'll only try to pick one if there are 3+ active hunters.
set scr_lastman 1
*1/0 - enable/disable lastman with laser
set scr_gravity 800
*Persistent gravity setting
set scr_class ""
*Force zombies to pick a specific class. Options: fast, poison, normal, electric, fire, dog
set scr_starttime 120
*Time in seconds until a zombie is picked - minimum is 10
set scr_showteam 1
*1/0 - enable/disable overhead team names
set scr_killerdrops 1
*1 = only let the hunter who killed the zombie pick up his healthpack/mine, 0 = let anyone
set scr_falldamage 1
*1/0 - enable/disable fall damage
set scr_lastcamp 0
*0 = anticamp for lastman, 1 = none
set scr_msgdelay 25
*delay between iprintln server messages (seconds)

There are several errors that the mod will tell you about. A message will come up on the server, and the server name will be changed to what it currently is + the error message. This is the only way I can think of, as you won't usually be in the server when it doesn't work.

-Using my modfolder (mods/zomdb1.2) and putting any other IWD file in there will error the server
-Using any modfolder and putting map IWD's (mp_mapname) in there will error the server (put them in usermapsmapname!)
-Not using zom.cfg will error the server
-Using my modfolder and modifying z_zomdb_ext.iwd will error the server
-Using the modfolder 'zomdb' will error the server

If g_gametype is not set to zom, then the server will set it to that and rotate the map after 20 seconds.
No-one else can use the name 'novemberdobby' (capital letters anywhere) apart from me. I've seen namefakers in 1.1 servers and I won't stand for it :D
Due to engine limitations, there is no icon on the scoreboard for players who are connecting or dead.

Dogs can sometimes get stuck mantling. Just suicide if this happens, I can't fix this easily. On servers with *a lot* of players, the class picking menu will sometimes be invisible. I can only assume this is an engine bug as it's been simplified endlessly to try and make it work.

There are several admin functions also:
*scr_say - prints a large message on the server
*scr_saysmall - prints a small message on the server
*scr_spectateplayer <playerslot> - puts a player into full spectate. Several admins asked for this function to see if people get out of the map.
*scr_killplayer <playerslot> - take action after seeing a player is out of the map.
*scr_pausegame -1/0, stops all players moving and puts up a 'paused' message

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