Dobby's Zombie mod



The biggest and final update to my COD4 zombie mod



NovemberDobby's Zombie mod 1.41 client & serverside, 09th August 2008.

Xfire #1: novemberdobby
Xfire #2: novemberdobby2

Email: [email protected]

Site: http://www.novemberdobby.com
 - hosted by AR51: http://www.team-area51.net/   
 - Zombie server at

Quick outline:
-200 ranks
-HP/mine stealing protection]
-redirects to other servers
-two special abilities for each zombie (fast zombie only has skulls)
-'repel zombies' ability for hunters
-rank 200 abilities
-5 easter eggs
-zombie/hunter counters
-high scores
-golden guns
-added unlocks every 33 ranks, and a shortcut/unlock menu for help

Changes for v1.4:

*Fixed two menu exploits that allow hunters to refill ammo/pick new weapons halfway through the game
*Fixed hang whilst the game starts (waited Xms for missing asset 'Zombies')
*Fixed distant building textures on the Map Pack to be invisible
*Fixed weird dog animations on flashbangs
*Fixed bug where lastman would die with a non-default setting of scr_health
*Fixed game-crashing exploit related to model bones (thanks Coverop)
*Fixed special ability info sometimes not showing
*Fixed a few bugs with lightning strike/ring of fire making knives do the wrong damage
*Fixed some bugs where the game would say a knived hunter was zapped/burnt
*Fixed accuracy for all snipers (set at a small size), and made their headshot damage the normal damage + 40

*Improved auto-assign for zombies, it skips the 'assault/specops/heavygunner' screen now
*Improved admin spectating - no fog
*Improved decoys: there are now two, they flicker, and there is a distracting FX that plays
*Improved healthpacks to show the real amount of health you pick up instead of always 20
*Improved protection against people leaving when they become zombies - you can lose a few ranks
*Improved health/mine drop system, scr_killerdrops = the time before anyone can pick up a drop,
 a red drop shows that only the killer can pick it up

*Changed electric zombie knife damage to 26
*Changed intel again to give more hints
*Changed damage of hunters using knives to 80
*Changed menu button highlighted colour to red
*Changed hunters' voices to British
*Changed zombie class pick screens to show info on new and old specials
*Changed XP gain from killing a hunter to 100
*Changed end of game - all damage is dealt
*Changed drop pickup range to be slightly higher
*Changed dog's vision to black and white (and slightly brighter)

*Removed 'fix' for center messages when you're picking a zombie class - they don't disappear now
*Removed 'knife' and 'bite' weapon name text
*Removed 'you have x mines left' message
*Removed unused perks like Stopping power/bandolier etc
*Removed 'team deathmatch' voiceover on player spawn

*Added logprints for some events in zombies - becoming a zombie (Z;), being picked as the first (FZ;) and becoming the lastman (LM;)
*Added a Shortcuts (for abilities)/Unlocks menu for ingame help
*Added a bunch of rank unlocks - see Shortcuts/Unlocks menu for more info
*Added a new value for scr_zommusic, -1, it will loop all 5 of the music tracks
*Added counters to show amount of hunters and zombies
*Added 'Zombie mod rank' button in a few places ingame
*Added five easter eggs (hint: most of them are in the menus somewhere)
*Added fall death message instead of 'died and became a zombie'
*Added killspree messages (5, 10, 20, 30, 50)
*Added scr_unlimitedammo 2 - only get ammo for atatcking zombies
*Added/changed about 10 anti-exploit spots
*Added separate blood FX for each zombie class
*Added dvar to disable bots: scr_bots
*Added scr_zom_timelimit and scr_zom_scorelimit
*Added scr_interval - for the delay between giving hunters ammo
*Added dvar to show the player who has the best personal high score on the server
*Added dvar to kick inactive spectators
*Added physics explosions on most zombie specials/mines
*Added scr_redirect and scr_redirectip, to send players to another server when this one is full
*Added a grace period for newly joined hunters, instead of getting sent to spectate it tells them to hurry up next time
*Added new loadbar ('ZomdB')
*Added 50% chance of a hunter dropping his weapon when he dies
*Added some keypresses to navigate the Team and Create-a-class menus
*Added Special #2 info when spawned as a zombie
*Added scr_showhealthmsg - to enable/disable the 'hunters spawn with X health' message
*Added golden guns for rank 100+ players
*Added XP gains for all zombies when a hunter is killed (+40)
*Added one more special ability for each zombie class, and another ability (Repel - pushes zombies away) for hunters
*Added a hardcore hud option to the quickmessage menu

*Replaced XP score bar in the rank menu with a highscore stat

Changes for v1.41:

*Fixed some Pipeline & Backlot glitches
*Fixed Hunters' weapons sometimes dropping before a zombie is picked
*Fixed graves sometimes not orienting properly
*Fixed Hunter/Zombie counters for spectators
*Fixed music fading properly with scr_zommusic -1
*Fixed repel sometimes killing zombies

*Improved several special ability FX and the poison zombie effect

*Changed default sv_msgs in case of no zom.cfg being used
*Changed limited ammo message to be more helpful
*Changed www.novemberdobby.com/faq to include fixes for PB kicks
*Changed Hunters' health to jump back to maximum when a zombie is picked
*Changed Scare range to 50% higher
*Changed first zombie behaviour, dogs have 400 health
*Changed health/mine drops: zombies falling and killing themselves don't drop them

*Removed unlimited ammo for grenade launchers, they only have 25 shots
*Removed grenade throwback (Was causing some problems)

*Added a 40-second timer to automatically spawn zombies if they stay in the class-pick screen

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