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This mod is designed to revamp the multi-player gameplay in CoD4. The weapons have damage levels from ltspeirs's Realism Mod[/...


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This mod is designed to revamp the multi-player gameplay in CoD4. The weapons have damage levels from ltspeirs's Realism Mod and new weapons from the SP-4-MP mod. Other features include adjusted damage levels for chest and limbs, the purpose being to make the MP game more realistic by promoting teamwork and weapon proficiency. Firing from the hip is much less effective, ADS zoom has been removed, and 2–3 rounds will drop a player. Whether you're a player that hates the fact that it takes 6+ rounds from the M4 to take down a man in CoD4, or an L55 veteran who can't take people being able to sprint away after a Barrett shot to the legs, this mod is for you! :)

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Download 'dylansmprwmod.zip' (2.27MB)

Dylans MP RealWar Mod:::::

Legal Crap:::::
This mod was made off of BJR Realism Mod with some perks from ltspiers realism mod (SP) added in.
Dont edit and repost without my permission, etc.
MrNickles SFR script was also included.
Also, the creator of sp4mp mod is dualy thanked.

This mod is designed to change the cruddy multiplayer gameplay in cod4. The weapons have damage levels from ltspiers realism mod, 
and i added some things in.  It promotes teamwork by remiving the "spray and pray" ethos of the game. Hip shooting is bull, except at close range.
NOTE: Snipers will kill in one hit, ammo is increased, and scope drift reduced. MrNickles fire rate script was included. Press M to switch from full auto to semi. Your accuracy with any weapon will increase, because single shots are more controlled that blsating on full auto.
I tried to remove the damage perk using the server.cfg script. Anyone that has a better way, tell me. A person with high damage on can ruin this game.
Also, you get the "one in the chamber" bonus when reloading a partial magazine. For example, reloading with 17 rounds in a mag will give you 31. Grenade fuses are now 6 seconds, giving you time to throw back. On the bad side, though, the damage and radius have been increased.
Damage inflicted from a chest shot has been reduced, legs are more vulnerable. This is because the SAS, Marines and Spetznaz wear body armor, kevlar BDU, usually with a creamic playe underneath. For the OPFOR, that is where they are all drugged up. Youll still gte killed with two shots from an AK, but it lessens the damage if you manage to hide after taking one.

Place the "dylansmprealism" folder into your c .program files. activision.cod4.mods folder. ( . are slashes)
Place the scortcut on your desktop, double click and PLAY~!
Try putting something like MPRW Mod Running in your server name.

Cod4 Vanilla:
The person with the higher rank or better weapon wins. A m16 has no chance against a mp44. SMGs are low powered. Pistols have no use, except the Deagle.
If you see an enemy, shoot him and hell shoot back, probably hitting you. Your health recovers. Whoever has a better weapon perk takes over.
Snipers can only dominate the field of battle as long as they have ammo. LMGs are low damage, innacurate weapons.

Whoever is smarter wins. The player that takes cover and uses single shots will get a lot of kills. Getting hit will make the screen crack and you will go all red. Hip shooting is a way of making yourself look retarded. SMgs are good at close range, and are good at killing.
Fire rates have been increased (ltspiers) and the wepons dont zoom when ADS. Also, you get the SP loads of ammo, which is a lot more then 60. Snipers dominate the battlefield with low drift, one shot kill, and lots of ammo. (The m40a3 has 80, while the m21 has a 20 round mag and 100 extra)) Pistols are good wepons if you double tap the enemies. Lasers are enabled on the m4 (all) and the usp variants.
Grenade launchers have been increased to a load of 6 NOOBS. Pistol hip shooting is pretty good, the accuray of that has been increased.
Only weapons left normal were Skorpion, Uzi, and MP44. I have yet to figure out what to do with the mp44, im thinking about a stinger. For the Skorpion, youre unlikely to hit anything even at point blank range, and for the uzi, youre lucky if you can fire 32 rounds without 32 jams.

Individual Weapon Stats:

A good rifle, good accuracy. The 7.62 can stop anyone with a few good shots.

The 5.45 rounds cant stop anyone that well, but the fire rate evens that out.

M82 Barret:
A one shot kill rifle. The only problem is scope drift and the immense time it takes to scope in. Its good against helicopters. For humans, the beer bottle sized round is plain overkill.

Beretta M92F:
A good pistol with low recoil. The 9mm rounds make it useless unless your double tapping for the skull.

Colt M1911 MEUSOC:
A good pistol, good accuracy. The .45ACP rounds kill in two hits, so a double tap at close range will earn you a kill.

Desert Eagle:
A powerful pistol. Period. Will kill in one hit, two in the limbs. The .50AE rounds give it heavy recoil, and lots of drift.

A good sniper rifle, kills in one hit. Ammo is increased, you can lockdown an area for a loonngg time.

A reliable, accurate rifle. Kills in two hits, but the rate of fire is slower.

A accurate 5.56mm rifle. Takes a few shits to kill, but the 5.56 rounds have great shot placement.
Red Dot variant is the one from Singleplayer. 

A good rifle series. The 5.56 rounds can drag out firefights, but the accuracy of them will decide the fight. Laser sight on NV mode.
The Red Dot, and m203 variants are from singleplayer. (m68 aimpoint, eotech with m203)

A accurate 7.62 rifle. Will kill in two hits, but ROF is slowed.

Fires full auto, cant figure out how to make it burst again. A good, accurate rifle. A few shots on semi auto will give your target a free ride to Allah. GO USA!

20 round magazine, and a one shot kill will give you and theis rifle able to obliterate an enemy team from far away.
The acog version is now the silenced weapon from singleplayer.

An 80 round payload of extra ammo will give you the ability to lock down a spawn area from far, far away.

A powerful, high recoil LMG.

While the 9mm rounds dont yield good stopping power, the rate of fire and accuracy will make up for this.
Silenced version has reflex.

5.7mm rounds give this SMG good power, and a 50 round mag coupled with a excellent rate of fire will give the enemy a clear message.

Rem. 700:
Renamed to m40a1, this rifle has good power, paired with a 5-round magazine.  The perfect way to say "Fuck Off" from over a mile away.

This LMG boasts a good mix of power, accuracy, and fire rate.

A good, accurate LMG.the 5.56 rounds dont kill in one hit, but the fire rate allows you to give someone 10 or 15 shots in the chest before you can switch targets. A 200 round mag with 600 extra ensures that youll be able to do it over and over again.

Now an AT4 with one extra rocket.

Basically a M1911 MEUSOC with a bigger magazine, and a laser sight. Perrrffeecctt.

Ony weapon that acutally has a use for Bandoilier. M1014 has 7 round magazine.

6 ronds, but it takes a few seconds to switch from rifle to noob tube.

Use cover. Crouching boasts a good mix of mobility and making you a harder target, as well as letting you peek over most slabs of cover.
Leaning is useless in vanilla, but in the mod it gives you a good chance of dropping a few targets.
Double tapping is a good way of dropping someone. If you are pinned by a sniper, remember that you are the one with mobility, and a automatic weapon.
If you are a sniper, take a buddy along as a spotter. Someone with a mp5 covering your rear really helps. Also, use voice chat to report where the enemies are. It has a use besides shouting NOOB into the mic becuas someone has the "frag x3" perk.
Also, stick together. A group of 5 or six players has a good chance of winning if they stay close, and use voice chat.
If you see an enemy, try enticing him with a burst of gunfire, and then set up either a claymore or gun ambush around a corner. I am the only player that uses a m40A3 on Showdown.

Planned Changes:::::
I plan on making miniscule changes, like lowering the ROF on silenced wepons, because there is less gas to push the bolt back.
And, your feedback helps. Even if you want to call this mod "noob", and then download it secretly. Just know what trouble you have in the fact that "hey, mayebe 5 rounds to the chest from a colt .45 might kill!!!".
Also, i want to get it to work with PezBot. And, I want to edit the ADS times, and movement speeds. No more LMG sprinting. Correct weapon names, too. The M4 is burst fire only, the M4A1 is full auto. The M4A1 is labeled M4 in game, yet it fires full auto.

Known Bugs:::::
1. When in Semi Auto, the airstrike will not work.
2. Is incompatible with Pez bots. Anyone that can combine the pezbot 6p mod.ff with the one on this mod, you will get a special thanks in the readme. Send it to me if you succeed.
3. The Ak74u vanilla has a error, its just the red stripe.
4. Some weapons dont have scope drift, like the saw and the m16. I added it, and they still dont move when ADS.
5. If you find any more bugs, please tell me.

alliwanttodoisjust(at) yahoo(dot) com.

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