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Hello, added a few things extra to that zoom script i was working on and have added it to the eXtreme mod to create eXtreme sniper v1.2.

For a full list of feature do read the read me below. Enjoy

NOTE. i will not create another version of eXtreme sniper. However if i make any big changes i will upload the script for others to add to their mods. I did upload this version of the script but the link seems to be broken.

If you want to add a simplle zoom to your mod, and like the look of the screen shots, send me an email and ill let you have it and help you add it to your mod.



I did not create the eXtreme part of this mod, the author is the eXtreme crew (read credits)
 I did not create the the original zoom script, the author was unkown, 

 What i have done is changed the zoom shed loads from the original. The original script had bugs and crashed after 5 mins.
	(if you want that mod, it can be downloaded from www.maps-n-mods.org)

 i havent changed any of the eXtreme scripts or any of the eXtreme features 
	(via the addition of one line in the _globallogic.gsc file to call the zoom script)

 The entire script has be recoded scince 1.1 so im just going to do a list of features


	*) 1x - 34x zoom (fovmin 60 - fovmin 1)

	*) Text displayed about the current zoom factor used ect

	*) Added dvars so the zoom can be configred via the zoom.cfg 
		( this dosnt have to be included as defaults are scripted in, i recomend you use it tho, it is commented)

	*) Weapons will retain their last zoom factor

	*) While using the scope, pressing the "frag" key will not throw a grenade 
		(for non sniper only servers)

	*) Script is now called from _globallogic.gsc in "spwanplayer",not the gametype.gsc's 
		(zoom should now work on custom gametypes)

	*) Included 3 sets of the sniper weapon files, you can choose one or create your own (set 1 added to iwd)
		(do read the wepaon readme in the wepoans folder)

	*) Removed the menu music from 1.1 so its back to eXtreme music
===== DVAR CHANGEABLE FEATURES ===== (via the zoom config) 

	*) Choice to display info text (shows the  keys used to zoom in / out)

	*) Choice to display zoom factors

	*) Colour of info text can be changed

	*) colour of zoom text can be changed

	*) colour of current zoom factor text can be changed

	*) start / min / max zoom factors can be set for each rifle (different rifles can now zoom in / out more than others)

	*) zoom for each rifle can be disabled by setting start / min / max to the desired zoom factor

 RANDOM UNEXPLAINED, UNEXPECTED FEATURES (these are also known as bugs)

	*) none that i am aware of

 if you do find a bug within the zoom, by all means email me, i will try and fix it, if not it will be added to this list

	1) Unrar/unZip (ok ignore if you already did that)

	2) copy/upload the eXtreme_sniper_1.2 folder to your game servers Mods folder
		(do copy everying, think configs are differant from 1.1)

	3) you will need to edit the servers command line to "_set fs_game mods/eXtreme_sniper_1.2 +exec server.cfg +map_rotate"
		if running a lan server 
			- create a shortcut for CoD4 on your desktop
			- right click on it, then click propities
			- where it says target. after "iw3mp.exe" add "_set fs_game mods/eXtreme_sniper_1.2 +exec server.cfg +map_rotate"

			full example ( "E:Call Of Duty 4iw3mp.exe" +set fs_game mods/eXtreme_sniper_1.2 +exec server.cfg +map_rotate )

	4) I have not set the configs to a sniper only server, this you will have to do your self

	5) thats it guys/girls, have fun sniping each other

	any problems or issues do email me

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