Forsaken Industry 2.0

Forsaken Industry 2.0

Author: Maarten Scholl Website: Contact:


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Forsaken Industry 2.0

Author: Maarten Scholl Website: Contact:

Map Information

|changes from 1.0| *Linux server support *a lot smaller in filesize *fixed spawns in solid *fixed teams: Marines vs. Opfor by default

Large map set in a industrial themed area. More information can be found at my website. This is my entry to the Infinity Ward Mapping Contest. This is version 2.0 If any future patch or other event render this version invalid I will release a version 3: mp_i3

Supported Gametypes: DM (Free-for-all) TDM (War) HQ (Koth) S&D (Search and Destroy) DOM (Domination) SAB (Sabotage) CTF (Capture the flag)

Oldschool & Hardcore modifiers

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Download '' (46.6MB)

===== Installation instructions ===
1) Put the usermaps folder in your /Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare/  directory
	Example:  C:/Program Files/Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare/usermaps

2) If you don't like the sound effects or the ambient track add this to your server config:

set industry_sound_off 1
set industry_ambient_off 1

3) If you want to turn off the dynamic sunlight add this:

set industry_sun_off 1

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