This version come with great features and 2 brand new game types to the game, another game type and new features still in development but al...


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This version come with great features and 2 brand new game types to the game, another game type and new features still in development but already have few servers (1.5 patch) running this version around the net.

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 Call of Duty 4 - Frontlines
 author   : Freddy Hajas
 website  :
 mod      : Frontlines
 version  : 2.1
 update   : Mar 2008


 . Fixed server crash if scr_commander_next 1 and server only with Attackers in Commander gametype


 . Hajas Invert Sides
 . RoundSwitchSpawn to both gametypes
 . Hajas Server Spam
 . Commander ( 2 in 1 new gametype)
 . Commander's orders by sound and message to Battlefront gametype


 . Hajas Spawn Protection
 . New MOTD
 . Battlefront (new gametype)


 Just unzip inside your COD4 folder, then will be created this dir:


 there you gonna find 4 files

 . README_frontlines.txt (this file)
 . frontlines.cfg (config file)
 . mod.ff 
 . z_frontlines.iwd 

 If after your install there's someting different, you did something wrong. So do it again right! :D

 If you had a previous version of Frontlines installed, just make sure to overwrite all the old files.

 That's all! :P


 In your Server Shortcut Start add this line to it

	+set fs_game mods/Frontlines

 Then will be something like this:

	C:COD4iw3mp.exe +set fs_game mods/Frontlines +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip +set net_port 28960 +set sv_maxclients 32 +set sv_punkbuster "1" +exec server.cfg +map_rotate

 In the config file frontlines.cfg you will find all the info about each var and how to use them.

 Copy all your config files from your main folder to Mods/Frontlines then you will have the "same" server but now running Frontlines instead.

 To load this CFG from your config just add the line below at the end of your server.cfg file

	 exec frontlines.cfg

 With that will start a server with a mixed gametype rotation with 
 Battlefront (front), Search & Destroy (sd) and Commander (commander) gametypes running.

 If you execute this file with the server already running, you will need a map_restart to really start Frontlines.

 You don't need to use the entire config file, you can just copy/paste all that you want to your server.cfg file

 The Hajas Spawn Protection will work to any gametype (his default value is 10)


 If you want to setup an auto download to each one that connect to your server be able get the Frontlines mod,
 please follow these instructions:

 At your website on the serverfiles dir (

 create a subdir inside mods called frontlines and copy these files to there:


 so will be something like this

 then set this to your server.cfg file

	set sv_allowdownload "1"
	seta sv_wwwDownload "1"
	seta sv_wwwBaseURL ""
	seta sv_wwwDlDisconnected "0" (Note: Set this to "0")

 a complete help about this can be found here:


 Delete the dir COD4/Mods/Frontlines with all the files inside.


 . My beloved wife Dani for the support and patience to help in the boring tests.

 . The entire NER community for the support and for create the first Frontlines server in the world.
   Special thanks to [NER-HQ]Green for the server support and enthusiasm about my mod

 . Total Gamming Network for the support and great promotion for all my latest mods

 . Andreas Bertits from PC Games / PC Action for the interest and support to my mod |

 . Soldats-@ team from France for all the support and help to promote my mod in french

 . Call Of Duty 4 : Stammtisch from Germany for all the interest and support to Frontlines

 . All the other gamming sites around the world which support my mods

 . and YOU for playing or for host a Frontlines server... thank you!

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