Gold Weapon Mod



Well, this isn't that much of a mod, but here it is. This mod creates the 5 default classes, each with a gold weapon and set class Each weapon is renamed, ammo is added to each gun, and some clips have extra rounds inside of them. After 9 kills in one life, you will unlock THE golden gun This gun fires fully automatic, 1 hit kill with 40 rounds in its clip. There is no kick, and an instant reload on the golden gun.



/////////////////////////Gold Weapon Mod\\\\\\\\\
//////////////////////By: The Bashing-Flopus\\\\\\\\
///////////////////////A.K.A. EA1||Waffles\\\\\\\\\

customiazable gametype (mix a lil' fun into it)
Gold_jumphigh 1-1000 sets your jump with 39 being the default
Gold_nofall 0-1 gets rid of fall damage (default 1)
Scr_hardpoint_allowgoldengun 0-1 allows the use of the golden gun. (default 1)

A note to all you realism freaks out there, This is not realistic!!!
It is not intented to be realistic, who has gold weapons in real life?

Installation: Load goldweapon.iwd along with mod.ff into a folder
in the mods directory, *NOTE* YOU NEED THE MOD.FF TO RUN THIS MOD

Known Issues: Gold M60e4 appears Bronze on some graphic levels

Special thanks: The Flopus-Flopus, for comin up with this brilliant idea
NovemberDobby, for various scripting help/advice

My name appears on this mod, Please DO NOT REMOVE IT, or i will take action

Any Questions? Xfire: Basheduwithaflopus

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