Heat OfBattle 4 Beta



Initial design requirements for CoD4 for testing release:

* - HoB Capture logic * - end round on all flags captured * - Wave respawn * - Remove weapon crosshairs * - 3Dcapture icons removed * - Incoming grenade indicators disabled * - don't spawn as spectator when killed. * - Remove health regeneration * - Localization * - Objective capture requirements dynamically adjusted per team instead of by total server population. * - Separate round and map time limits. * - Remove rank and names from over players heads.



(C) Copyright 2003-2008 Heat of Battle Development Team
All Rights Reserved

By continuing the installation process and installing Heat of Battle you are agreeing to the following terms and warranties.

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-=-=-=-=Heat of Battle=-=-=-=-
A Call of Duty, capture and hold game type and realism modification.

Information, Question and Concerns, Please visit our website: http://www.heatofbattle.net/

Current Heat of Battle Team (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and CoD:UO):
Coders: 	Upholder and Joker
Skinning & 2D Art:	Dillinger    
3D Modeling & Animation:	Dogsbody, Sevensniff
Mapping:	Upholder, Drofder
Administration and Media Relations:	BritishBulldog1 and Diggler

Thanks to all of the folks at Mike's Marauders!! for for their previous sponsorship and longtime support.  Mike's Marauders is your No-Nonsense Gaming HQ. http://www.mikesmarauders.com/

Additional thanks to:
 Scots Guards clan for their longtime support -- http://www.sg-clan.co.uk/
 CodBoards for providing Heat of Battle servers -- http://www.codboards.com/

v4.0.0 Public Beta Release (for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare) Readme Updated: February 18, 2008

This release of Heat of Battle supports all CoD4:MW maps that support the "Domination" gametype.  Ranks are supported and are separate from the unmodded game and from other mods.  Customized loadouts are shared.

**-Installation_____________________________________________ _________________

This packge will install Heat of Battle v4.0.0 and requires that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare v1.5 or greater be properly installed.

After Heat of Battle has been properly installed, the following files should exist in the directory "Mods/HeatOfBattle" underneath your Call of Duty 4 directory:
  - ReadMe.txt
  - mod.ff
.zip instructions (for Linux/Windows):
  * Extract the .zip file while in your "Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare" directory.
  * Check that the files are in the proper place.   On Windows machines where Call of Duty 4 was installed to the default location, it is:

    c:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern WarfareModsHeatOfBattle

**-Clients__________________________________________________ _________________

Make a copy of the CoD4:MW multiplayer shortcut and edit the target line,
adding the following to the end:

  +set g_gametype hob +set pure 0

Creating such a shortcut will allow you to launch Heat of Battle directly. Alternately, you can select HeatOfBattle from the mods menu after starting the multiplayer client.

**-Servers__________________________________________________ _________________

An example configuration file can be found on our forums at

Notable Cvars and recommended values:

  // maximum score in a round by one team.
  scr_hob_scorelimit "1000"

  // maximum number of rounds for current map.
  scr_hob_roundlimit "5"   

  // how long a map will run before changing to the next map.
  scr_hob_maptimelimit "30"

  // maximum round length in minutes.
  scr_hob_timelimit "20"

  // When on, use the full round length for each round (otherwise,
  // the round timer resets only when it expires)
  // 0 is off, 1 is on
  scr_hob_fullroundtimer "0"

  // The shortest round allowed.  If not enough time remains on the map timer
  // for a round of at least this lenght, the map will end instead of starting
  // a new round.
  scr_hob_minRoundtime "2"

  // respawn timer in seconds, reinforcements arrive when this timer expires.
  scr_hob_waverespawndelay "15"

  // Adjust number of players needed to capture objectives based on team sizes
  // 0 is off, 1 is on.
  scr_hob_dynamicLimitObjectives "1"

  // The minimum number of players that will ever be requred to capture when
  // dynamically adjusting the capture requirements
  scr_hob_minDynamicPlayersToCapture "2"

  // Autobalance teams
  scr_teambalance "1"

  // Helicopter health
  scr_heli_maxhealth "1100"

  // percentage of the player's body the helicopter sees before
  // it labels him as a target (defaults to 0.50)
  scr_heli_target_recognition "0.75"


set g_gametype "hob"
set scr_hob_timelimit "20"
set scr_hob_scorelimit "1000"
set scr_hob_playerrespawndelay "15"
set scr_hob_hotpotato "1"
set scr_hob_dynamicLimitObjectives "1"
set scr_hob_minDynamicPlayersToCapture "2"
scr_heli_maxhealth "1100"
scr_heli_target_recognition "0.75"
scr_teambalance "1"
scr_hob_minRoundtime "2"
scr_hob_fullroundtimer "0"
scr_hob_roundlimit "5"  
scr_hob_maptimelimit "30"
scr_hob_maptimelimit "30"

**-Changelists______________________________________________ _________________

v4.0.0 Public Beta Changes:

  * Heat of Battle Gametype implemented
    + Rounds end when a team owns all capture points
    + Objectives require teamwork to be captured
      - When a team has at least 8 players, 4 players will need to work
        together to capture an objective on a stock Domination map
      - When a team has fewer than 8 players, half the team will be required
        to capture objectives on stock Domination maps
    + Health does not regnerate
    + Stock HUD adjusted
      - Indicator showing teammates in the capture zone and number required
        to capture added below the progress bar
      - 3D capture icons removed
      - crosshairs removed
      - incoming grenade indicators disabled
    + Separate round and map timers
      - Round timer will not exceed map timer
      - Round timer can be reset when rounds end or continue to run
      - Round timer can have a minimum value
  * Players cannot spectate while waiting to respawn

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