Impact Detonating Mk2 Grenades

Raise your hands if you find that you can't throw grenades far enough in CoD4.

*Counts hands* Mhm, well read on.

This mod will make y...


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Raise your hands if you find that you can't throw grenades far enough in CoD4.

*Counts hands* Mhm, well read on.

This mod will make your weak throws a thing of the past. Upon throwing the grenade, the grenade will almost go in a straight line. As an added bonus, the grenade will explode on impact including wall, person, etc. So give this mod a try, who knows, it could bring for some fun entertainment on MP.


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This is a single player only mod aimed at enhancing the totally UN-realistic experience of the game. This mod only affects the MK2 Frag-Grenade.  Tired of trying to get close enough to toss a grenade at the enemy over there, try these!  This version does not have a fuse but explodes on impact.  No more having nades thrown back at ya!  This of course precludes tossing a grenade near you and then running for cover.  Projectile speed is very fast so they may be thrown a long distance as well. 

I may add this to a version of my Fearless' Crazy SP Weapons Mod if I receive enough requests.

Readme File:
Impact Detonating Mk2 Grenades Mod By Fearless

Place the zzzz_Fearless_Impact_Grenades_zzz.iwd in your CoD4 Main directory. C:\...\call of duty 4\main. 
If you use the Steam version, the file location is C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\common\call of duty 4\main.

Start your CoD4 as normal and enjoy. 

Alternate Installation:

- Create new folder in your "Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfaremods" folder. Name it FearlessImpactGrenades (for example)
- Unpack the archive to new folder. 
- To launch the game create shortcut of your iw3sp.exe and modify to the following: "C:Call of duty 4 - Modern Warfareiw3mp.exe" +set fs_game mods/ FearlessImpactGrenades.

Where " FearlessImpactGrenades " is a name of the folder, which you created.

Highlight the zzzz_Fearless_Impact_Grenades_zzz.iwd.
Press Delete key.


Fearless' zzzz_Fearless_Impact_Grenades_zzz.iwd Mod is distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This mod is not an official mod or tool. Use of Fearless' zzzz_Fearless_Impact_Grenades_zzz.iwd Mod (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk. 

Share it with whomever you want. It is free for all to enjoy.

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