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Here's an awesome new Call of Duty 4 screensaver by JSlavenburg, but I seem to have trouble getting it working on my widescreen laptop. Other than that, the quality of the images are great, so pick up your copy today and get your computer ready for the November 11 release! ;)





Thanks for downloading my Call of Duty 4 Screensaver.

This Screensaver has been made by me. Credits goes to:

- Cod4.co.uk for the wallpapers
- Myself

It is not planned that a person will remake this mod exactly like mine without any permission from me.
Neither do I want to see my mod being posted under someone else's name without my permission.

How to install: Run JSlavenburg CoD4 Screensaver.exe and install.

Made by: Joshua Slavenburg

Any questions?

E-mail: [email protected]
Xfire: jslavenburg
MSN: [email protected]


Joshua Slavenburg

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