Legion Forest

Legion Forest was the very first map I created for any game, so the time it took to make the map was very lengthy. Though I had finished thi...


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Legion Forest was the very first map I created for any game, so the time it took to make the map was very lengthy. Though I had finished this map ages ago, I have made some changes and have added some new things. One of them is the teddy bears, all of them scattered around the forest, some can be seen easily and some are well hidden. The purpose of these teddy bears really is to indicate which trees are climbable. So snipers will have a lot of fun with that. Legion Forest is a big map, so there will be a lot of running but also a lot of places to explore. I hope everyone enjoys it as it was intended and as always let me know if you have any comments about it or glitches you would like me to know about.

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Download 'mp_legionforest_v2.zip' (40.84MB)


Map Title                : mp_legionforest_v2
Author                   : |LGN|Arkadian
E-mail                   : [email protected]
Website                  : www.legionclan.de


Game                     : Call Of Duty 4

Supported Gametype:
Team Deathmatch
Search and Destroy
Oldschool Pickup

Map Size                 : 20-up : Very Large


Contents of this Package :



Installation Instructions:

     Add the mp_legionforest_v2 file into your call of
     duty4/usermaps folder


Construction Time        : AGES! 5-6 months

Custom Content           : Textures

Known Bugs               : No known bugs yet as most have been fixed.
                           But any news on new bugs don't hesitate to
                           let me know!


Special Thanks           :

     |LGN|Twysted - for making the loadscreen, mini map and
     custom textures, thanks for all the support buddy. Could not
     of done it without yah!
     Modsonline - thanks for the great tutorials and the forum
     has been so much help and resolved so many issues for me.

Additional Notes         :

     Legionforest, well as you know is based in a large forest
     somewhere in Russia. The map is a mix of different
     areas. From A small village to a farm area to a spetsnaz
     base, and of course my favourite, the underground mines! a
     very nice place to hold a hq if I don’t say so myself.
     Some people may notice some teddy bears near tree's,
     well don't be confused, these lil guys indicate which
     tree's are climbable. So I know snipers will get a right
     kick out of that!.
     Please guys let me know if you come across any bugs. Its
     always nice to have a good playable map without lil s**ts
     getting under the map!
     One more thing guys, I’ve noticed that when I released the
     first legionforest, people we're posting it on other sites
     for others to download and it has even ended up in a German
     game magazine along with a map pack disc. 
     If you wish to pass my map onto another site or clan or even
     some magazine!. Please ask my permission first and I
     will let you know if its ok.
     Thanks again all, Hope you all enjoy the map and let me know
     what you think of it!


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