Lynx's Silver MP5

A Call Of Duty 4 Realistic MP5


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A Call Of Duty 4 Realistic MP5

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Author: lynx1
textures: lynx1
Only Works For Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 
Version One

to install put the file into you main folder in you call of duty4 folder 
Default path(activision/call of duty4-modernwarfare/main)
this is a file what makes the mp5 look more realistic lightend up a bit 
scratched more and stuff like that .
i credit activision and infinity ward for modeling/designing the weapon
Version one the is a MP5 I Dont Know whether it works with ad-ons like 
Red Dot Sight, 
Silencer or ACOG Scope
However you may try and get it to work if it is does not already!!!

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