+Medic+'s Red Dot Reticle Mod

Here's a nice new two-fer by +Medic+ that gives you a couple different red-dot sight skins for CoD4. Both of these look very slick, but I t...


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Here's a nice new two-fer by +Medic+ that gives you a couple different red-dot sight skins for CoD4. Both of these look very slick, but I think I'd find myself using the second one due to that central dot in the middle to help aim. Check them out for yourself in the screenshots below, and get the pack now! ;)


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Download 'medics_cod4_red_dot_reticle_mod_ver1.0.zip' (3KB)

+Medic+'s Red Dot Reticle Mod ver 1.0 - A Call of Duty 4 Mod

This mod gives the player two options to replace their original Red Dot Optic reticle.

Please note that PunkBuster is looking into reticle file changes as a possible hack. Also,
please note that some server admins may view this as a so called 'hack' if somehow they take 
a screen shot of you with this. Use this MOD at your own risk.

During beta testing, I noticed that during spectating or ghosting, even though I was the 
only one with this mod, anyone else using a red dot optic had the new modded reticle.  
This leads me to believe that the mod is client sided only.
Also, this leads me to believe that other players would see only their own reticle, and 
not the new one, giving them no opportunity to detect or take a screenshot of you using 
it. This theory still has yet to be tested.

Option 1:

Traditional small circle with elongated crosshair tips without a center dot.
This reticle is custom made for this mod.

Option 2:
Common Eotech style reticle. Larger circle with short crosshair tips and a center dot.
This reticle is made from files from the game itself.

Drop only one reticle file directly into your 'main' folder. Play CoD4.

Create a folder called 'Mods' within your main folder. This leaves a place close by to store 
unused mods.


To Infinity Ward, thank you for a simply awesome game.

To those in ~SPARTA~ for the feed back and beta testing.

To Camper182 for the idea and the knowledge that it can be done.
	Please note that his 'mod' gave me the idea for this mod. No file contained 
	in his mod was used to make this mod. The Eotech style reticle was extracted from 
	the file 'weapon_red_cross_c128.iwi' contained in 'the iw_04.IWD' file. I resized, 
	renamed, and replaced the existing file. I do not know how he made his nor 
	will I guess. Camper182 certainly gets credits for a mod of this type first.

This mod may be used without my express permission in its entirety or in part. But be atleast curteous 
and include me in your credits section. Thanks.

Contact: Use the forums PM at http://www.legionofsparta.com.



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