MP Jordan

small map that is great for close quarter battles, great layout!


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small map that is great for close quarter battles, great layout!

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Download '' (33.01MB)

********mp_jordan beta release********

This is for test purposes of running routes to the bombs and playability. Also to find any errors that should be fixed. Also please take notes as to where you would like to see more cover as I have not included very much cover yet. Send feedback to

Make a folder in your mod folder of choice (most will use pam), this file should be called 'usermaps'  (without the ''s). Then place this file called mp_jordan inside of that file. Pull the iwd file to the root mod folder (cod4modern.../mods/pam4/mp_jordan.iwd)

Folder should look like this:
cod4modern...../mods/pam4/usermaps/mp_jordan/2 ff files

This is my first map and would like to have all the constructive critisism you can give. If you are going to just say "this map is crap" then just dont comment. If you want to say "this map is nice but if you had a car up mid for cover it would be better" then I will welcome the comment.

I think all gametypes work

IW for tools
IW forum members
Drapan for help with textures
JMor for suggestions
Mr. Mustache for many of the early suggestions
|RH|Copper loadscreen, minimap, and heli help

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