Update to previous versions of mp_stadtrand, including additional gametypes and playable areas...

A convoy carrying a sarin (GB) cluster...


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Update to previous versions of mp_stadtrand, including additional gametypes and playable areas...

A convoy carrying a sarin (GB) cluster bomb has been ambushed by separatists while crossing a flood control causeway in a post-Soviet state. The truck carrying the bomb and its escort BMP have been destroyed, and the chemical weapon has been spirited into extensive tunnel systems around the ambuscade, awaiting extraction by separatist reinforcements.

Meanwhile, a Special Air Service combat team enroute from Afghanistan has been diverted to assist in neutralization and recovery. Now it is a race to see who can gain control of Stadtrand and the nerve agent hidden in the bowels of its subterranean maze.

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mp_stadtrand3 readme

version 3.0 changes:

	1.  added HQ/KOTH and CTF/CTFB gametypes
	2.  now 5 DOM flags
	3.  more buildings and tunnels
	4.  multi-story underground bunker complexes
	5.  fixed inverted decals and model plants
	6.  improved terrain

version 2.1 changes:

	1.  changed the name of the file contents to "Stadtrand_v2"
	2.  removed the mp/arena file from iwd as it is not used
	3.  updated this readme to keep all files in usermaps folder

version 2.0 changes:

	1.  planted sandbag and replaced overbright texture.
	2.  added clip to block NW corner wall-over.
	3.  added 2 buildings and associated tunnels.
	4.  enhanced various detailing.
	5.  added 2nd custom texture with building signs.

contains fast file and load fast file.
contains iwd with images folder.
images:  loadscreen, minimap, and 2 custom texture iwi's.

interactivity/effects:  destructable cars and barrel bonfire.

gametypes:  dm dom sab sd tdm koth/hq ctf/ctfb
place all files in the c:programfilesactivisioncallofduty4
usermapsmp_stadtrand3 directory.

contact:  Conciliator at [email protected] 
or [hy]Rover at [email protected]

Mar 10, 2008, revision Apr 21, 2008.

Translation of poster in canal:

	Welcome to the Eurasian Canal
	construction project of the people's proletariat
	Safety First!  Use safety equipment while on construction site
	General Contractors:
	Conciliator Inc.
	Rover LLP.

Translation of building signs:

	Northern Bank 
	Riverside Mechanic
	Southside Bar
	Eastern Shop
	Reflection Hall
	Agricultural Products
	Hotel West
	Engineering Services
	Southern Logistics

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