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Ever wanted fire rates for your weapons? Well now you can have the semi-auto function, making it easier to pull of a single shot. It will no...


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Ever wanted fire rates for your weapons? Well now you can have the semi-auto function, making it easier to pull of a single shot. It will not increase your accuracy or allow you to fire faster, but it makes shots over a long range much easier.

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32nd file on
This file DOES NOT contain the burst function.
It is entirely different then Mr_Nickle's Fire Rate Script.
This script simply makes it easier to pull off a single shot. It does not give you any advantage over anyone else.


// Description
So here's how it works.
Press M the first time and the fire rate will be: Semi-Auto
Press M again and the fire rate will be back to how it originally was.
Basicly, it works the exact same as CoD + UO.

Semi-Auto = 1 bullet
Original = Default bind that CoD uses. (Full auto, burst, semi, etc - Depends on what weapon you use)

// Changes
// V2
-Text will now display on your HUD saying what mode you are in.
It show up as "Unknown cmd ...Semi-Auto..."
I knew of this before, but didn't like it due to the "Unkown cmd" part of it.
But since it is the only way, here it is. 

// V3
-Updated Read-Me to include disclaimer.
-Added a single line to the script that will show up when executed.


// Installation
Place JHsfr.cfg into your Call of Duty 4/Main folder, replacing the old one if you have it.

-Launch CoD4 and open CONSOLE by pressing ~ . 
-Now do /exec JHsfr
This must be done EVERY time to launch CoD4. If you are lazy like me and do not want to type it every time you launch CoD, continue reading below.


// Editting your Shortcut
Follow these instructions on how to edit your CoD4 Shortcut!
- Right click on your CoD4 shortcut.
- It should say something like "C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern Warfareiw3mp.exe"
- Add "exec JHsfr" WITHOUT the quotation marks.
- Now it should look something like this: "C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern Warfareiw3mp.exe" exec JHsfr
- Click OK and then next time you launch CoD4 it will automatically exec the .cfg

If you want to add multiple scripts, simply do
"C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern Warfareiw3mp.exe" exec script1; exec script2; exec script3; etc.
As long as you have it ; after the script name, you can add as many as you wish.


// Customize
-Open JHsfr.cfg with Notepad.
-Find where it says M, and replace M with the bind you prefer!
-Save it.


// FAQ
Here's some FAQ that I get... This should help some of you out.

Error: Couldn't exec...
To fix this problem, check to make sure that the script is in the Main folder, located the Call of Duty 4 folder. If it is in there, check to see if you are doing the correct file name. (Example: /exec JHtest.cfg not /exec JH test.cfg)

JH... doesn't exist
You didn't not exec the script again. Every time you launch CoD, you must exec it.

Is this script for Multiplayer or Singleplayer?
This script is made for Multiplayer and Singleplayer.

I no longer want this script, how do I get rid of it?
Simply go to your Main folder and delete the scripts you do not want.

Why the name JHsfr?
Many people ask me "Whats with the random letters of your scripts?" Well here's the reason.
All my scripts will ALWAYS contain JH at the start of the .cfg
If the JH is not there, it's not my script.

JH = My initials.
The other random letters (In this case sfr) are the abbreviation of the script name.
Which is Simple Fire Rate.
So JH+sfr = JHsfr.cfg

I want to learn how to script, can you teach me?
I have already written a scripting tutorial. This can be found at


// Disclaimer
In absolutely no way, shape or form am I or any other individual responsible for any kicks or bans that result from using this or any other scripts. You have chosen to use this, making this your own responsibility. If scripts are not allowed on the server you play on or admins frown upon them, do not use them.


Want to be famous? Give me an idea for a script, and you get your name in the Read-Me!
Simply contact me with the idea, and if it's made, it's submitted to CoDfiles!


Mr_Nickle [AT] hotmail [dot] com

Or add my Xfire username


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