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This is a Mod which allows players to play music while playing. The server puts up the music, up to 9 files, and the client chooses which so...


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This is a Mod which allows players to play music while playing. The server puts up the music, up to 9 files, and the client chooses which songs he would like to listen to, by holding F for 1.5 seconds, in the case the server wishes to play the music himself, there is also an option to play the music globally so that all players here the same song at the same time. Please check the readme for further instruction.

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MUSIC MOD 1.0 by Waffles
xfire: basheduwithaflopus

This mod is a client/server music player,
has a setting to let all players hear the same music
from the server, much like a radio, or a setting where the players
hold F for 1.5 seconds to bring up a menu with music for them to choose from.
There are 9 songs from them to choose from, that the server owner, you, chooses
you don't need to use all 9, any song spots u don't use will appear blank on the menu
as if they don't exist. The songs names are dvar controlled, with music1, music2 and so on...

There are 3 versions of this: 

Modwarfare, This is the classic modwarfare, but slightly changed; the client now ranks up, can complete challenges, and has a button to select what camo he would like on his gun.

Non-Modwarfare, This is the old-skool ranked server, without the normal game server ranks, the client will start at rank 1, and progress up, unlocking things on his way, much like the AWE mod

Rawfiles, This is not technicly a version, but merely the files in the mod.ff so that if you are wanting to add this to your own mod, just add the lines in that mod.csv to your mod.csv, the ui_mp folder to your fs_game folder, and the soundaliases to your raw folder, and compile with the rest of your mod.csv in the modbuilder.exe.

TO install, choose which setting you would like, modwarfare, non-modwarfare, or adding it 
with your own mod using the rawfiles.
To put the music on, find the number of songs you would like, make sure they are in .mp3 format
then rename each to b music1.mp3, music2.mp3 and so on until you have named them all.
add these lines to ur server config, Replacing the music1.mp3 with the name of the song:

set music1 "1. Your Music1.mp3"
set music2 "2. Your Music2.mp3"
set music3 "3. Your Music3.mp3"
set music4 "4. Your Music4.mp3"
set music5 "5. Your Music5.mp3"
set music6 "6. Your Music6.mp3"
set music7 "7. Your Music7.mp3"
set music8 "8. Your Music8.mp3"
set music9 "9. Your Music9.mp3"
set music_songs "9"
set music_radio 0 

you can set the radio function to 1 for the server to play the songs globablly
instead of the client chooseing it. When using the radio function, you must go into the iwd
using pacscape or winrar, or, change the extension to .zip and extract, either way, navigate to _battlechatter.gsc
and open it up, scroll down to line 385, and change the settings for all the songs to however long your songs are.
If you have any issues, feel free to contact me through xfire.

Legallity Issues:
I would strongly recamend getting the permission of the song writer before playing any song,
and at least making sure you OWN the song, and have not cheaply limewired it. 
I bear no responsibillity for any issues you find with this mod, legal or not.
Any legal issues caused by the songs you choose to put on are your responsibility,
not mine.
If you find any problems with this mod, such as an error, feel free to contact me:
xfire: basheduwithaflopus

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