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Overview: This mod replaces several multiplayer weapons with single player and custom weapons; including a few extras. Below i...


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File Description

Overview: This mod replaces several multiplayer weapons with single player and custom weapons; including a few extras. Below is a list of details...

Default loadout:

2-tone desert eagle- replaces silver desert eagle at4 rocket launcher- replaces rpg mp5 reflex/silencer- replaces mp5-red dot m4 m203/eotech- replaces m4-grenade launcher m21 sniper silenced/ghilled camo- replaces m21-no attachments g3 automatic- replaces g3-no attachments m1014 slug shotgun- replaces m1014-grip, reddot, and no attachment

Optional loadout:

m4 m203/acog- replaces m4-grenade launcher - optional m16 m203/acog- replaces m16-grenade launcher - optional m4 m203/reflex/silencer- replaces m4-grenade launcher - optional

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Mod: nw4mp
   Version:  1.3
   Author:  crazyankles
   Xfire:  crazyankl3s
   Beta testers:  Special ed Forces, ElKabong, Zeal
   Tools used:  packscape, photoshop, notepad, paint, iw mod tools
   - infinity ward for their great game and mod tools source files
   - eXtreme+ x4 crew for there great mod
   - zeroy who's inspiration from his m21 sniper mod led me to create this
   Additional Info & Credits:
   - All weapon files, models, images, etc. were modified by myself, from infinity ward's original files, and used to make this mod
        - This mod was tested on modern warfare patch v1.5 only; including all versions of eXtreme+ v1.0

  Version 1.0

    - added 2-tone desert eagle skin
    - added m4 m203/reflex/silencer sp weapon
    - added mp5 reflex/silencer sp weapon
    - added at4 rocket launcher unreleased mp weapon
    - added m21 sniper rifle silenced/ghilled camo sp weapon
    - weapon ammo adjusted to mp specs
    - weapon damage adjusted to mp specs

  Version 1.1

    - added support for eXtreme+ x4 mod v1.0
    - updated readme installation

  Version 1.2

    - fixed mp5 reflex/silencer not working on x4 mod

  Version 1.3

    - fixed player connection errors and crashes
    - fixed compatibility with extreme mod
    - added at4 perk icon, and menu name
    - added at4 model shown on a players back
    - added 2-tone deagle menu name, and image
    - added m1014 shotgun slug shot custom weapon
    - added m4 m203/eotech sight sp weapon
    - added m4 m203/acog 3-round burst rifle sp weapon
    - added g3 automatic rifle custom weapon
    - updated readme.txt
    - added installation.txt
    - added optional_weapons.txt
    - changed mod name from sp4mp to nw4mp
    - fixed various models and animations
    - adjusted all aspects of sp weapons to mp specs
     ****Thanks everyone for trying this mod out. If you have any comments or suggestions jusk ask.****

                     ***Special thanks to the infinity ward forums and forums alike.***

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