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Here's an update on PaulusT's CoDDump, which now works with the recently released patch for CoD4. I couldn't explain the utility any bet...


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Here's an update on PaulusT's CoDDump, which now works with the recently released patch for CoD4. I couldn't explain the utility any better than he did in a recent e-mail:

Call of Duty 4 has new files called "fast files" (e.g. "ui.ff" ). They are encrypted/compressed in an unknown format.

These "fast files" actually contain more files inside them and it is not possible to create most mods without access to these "inner files".

The only way to get the "inner files" is to "dump"/save the files from memory once they have been loaded by CoD4. The files that are output include gamescript files, configuration files and others.

In a sentence: CoDDump retrieves files (from within fastfiles) which allow the creation of mods (before the development tools are released).

So if you plan on modding CoD4, get a head start on the action with Paulus' CoDDump! ;)


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== Paulus' CoDDump v1.1==
(for all versions of CoD4 Single Player and Multi Player
	- tested: v1.3 MP, v1.0 SP)

If you have modded previous versions of Call of Duty, you may have
noticed that CoD4 contains much fewer files within *.iwd files.
Files such as gametype gamescripts are missing.
Instead, they are contained within *.ff files (fast files) in a
folder called "zone".

At the time of writing, these fastfiles are unreadable and we cannot
access the files within them.

What is CoDDump?
CoDDump is an application which allows you  to extract (some of) the
contents of *.ff files simply by running Call of Duty 4.

Place "CoDDump.flt" into your "miles" folder, located in CoD's folder.
C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\miles\CoDDump.flt

Now run Call of Duty 4.
Files are output to a new folder "CoDDump" in the games directory.

Troubleshooting, Questions, Feeback
For troubleshooting, news, feedback and other applications/mods, please
visit the CoDDump facebook page:
and add him as a friend. You can post problems on the wall.

This version of CoDDump uses a scanning engine and therefore should work with
all versions of Call of Duty 4 Single and Multi Player, including future
updates (unless the game changes significantly).

Note that CoDDump disables PunkBuster to prevent CoDDump being detected
as a "hack". It does this by hiding files whose paths' contain "/pb/" so
if your configuration involves a folder called "pb", CoDDump may prevent
it from working. Of course, your configuration will return to normal as
soon as you remove "CoDDump.flt" from the "miles" folder.

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