configs usualy finded like this: seta atem \"vstr atem2\" seta atem1 \"-holdbreath; atem vstr atem2\"seta atem2 \"+holdbreath; atem vstr atem1\" seta bess \"vstr bess2\"seta bess1 \"bind mouse1 +melee; bess vstr bess2\"seta bess2 \"bind mouse1 +attack; bess vstr bess1\"seta nade \"vstr attack\"seta nade1 \"+frag; wait; bind X vstr nade2\"seta nade2 \"+gostand; wait; -frag; wait; -gostand; wait; bind X vstr nade1\"seta nade3 \"+smoke; wait; bind Z vstr nade4\"seta nade4 \"+gostand; wait; -smoke; wait; -gostand; wait; bind Z vstr nade3\"seta m4gic2_sniper \"vstr m4gic2_sniper2\"seta m4gic2_sniper1 \"bind MOUSE2 +speed; +holdbreath ; set m4gic2_sniper vstr m4gic2_sniper2\"seta m4gic2_sniper2 \"bind MOUSE2 +speed; -holdbreath ; set m4gic2_sniper vstr m4gic2_sniper1\"seta mystyl3_snipermode \"bind MOUSE2 +speed;+holdbreath ; bind MOUSE1 +attack\"seta mystyl3_stretchmode \"bind MOUSE2 +speed;+holdbreath;+movedown ; bind MOUSE1 +attack\"seta mystyl3frag \"+forward ; -frag ; +frag ; wait 150 ; +moveup ; -frag ; -forward ; -moveup\"seta mystyl3smoke \"+forward ; -smoke ; +smoke ; wait 150 ; +moveup ; -smoke ; -forward ; -moveup\"seta wp1 \"bind MOUSE1 +attack; -attack; +holdbreath; set wp vstr wp1\"seta wp2 \"bind MOUSE1 +attack; +holdbreath; set wp vstr wp2\"set nsmoke \"vstr njump1\"set njump1 \"+smoke;+forward;set nsmoke vstr njump2\"set njump2 \"-forward;+moveup;-smoke;-moveup;set nsmoke vstr njump1\"set njump \"set com maxfps 76; +smoke;wait 610;+forward;wait 76;-forward;+moveup;-smoke;-moveup; set com_maxfps 0\"I made this config to stop players for disadvantage over the others players that they have default configs and wondering why i was killed,bashed so fast or stab with knife and etc.How to use:Metod 1Drop pbbusted_v1.2.cfg in your PB folder of your server and edit your pbsv.cfg with wordpad and add the folowing command type: \"pb_sv_load pbbusted_v1.2.cfg\" without quotes and save the file.Restart punkbuster via rcon type: \"pb_sv_restart\" without quotes and the config will load.Metod 2Drop pbbusted_v1.2.cfg in your PB of your server folder and type the folowing command via rcon type: \"pb_sv_load pbbusted_v1.2.cfg\" without quotes.Remember Metod 2 you need to load the file every time punkbuster is restarted on your server.xfire: mkdkamikazeemail: [email protected]


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