PeZBOT v4.2 (update)

PeZBOT version 4.2:

This is version 4.2 of the new Bot Mod for Call of Duty 4. PeZBOT enables players to play multiplayer maps offline ag...


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PeZBOT version 4.2:

This is version 4.2 of the new Bot Mod for Call of Duty 4. PeZBOT enables players to play multiplayer maps offline against computer controlled players (bots).

This version includes a new waypoint system for bots to use to enhance navigation and movement around maps. The waypoint system was originally added to version 4 but had some bugs that needed fixing. Version 4.2 addresses these bugs and makes the game run better.

Release of version 5, in the near future, will add more functionality and hopefully improve game play even more.

Check out the Infinityward mod forums for up to date info on this mod. Link:

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Download '' (1.33MB)

    PeZBOT, version: 004p2   (2/5/08)
    Any and all feedback is welcome -->


Feel free to add this source to any mod you like, just credit PeZBOT, thanks.

This mod is based on modwarfare.


This is pre-alpha code, meaning it is in no way feature complete and full of bugs, Use at your own risk.

enjoy, etc :)


1. Extract into your COD4 MW mods folder.
2. Load through ingame mods menu or put '+set fs_game "mods/PeZBOT"' in your iw3mp.exe command line.
3. Set DVARS either through console or commandline; 
   /set <dvar> <value> (in console). 
   +set <dvar> <value> (on commandline).

DVARS are as follows;

svr_pezbots               //number of bots; (defaults to 0)
svr_pezbots_team          //team to put bots on, "axis", "allies", "autoassign"; (defaults to "autoassign")
svr_pezbots_drawdebug     //draws bot debug info; 0 or 1; (defaults to 0)
svr_pezbots_dogpack_size  //number of dogs spawned when using uav (defaults to 0)
svr_pezbots_skill         //global skill level that effects all bots, value between 0 and 1, 1 being highest
                          //0 being lowest. (defaults to 0.5).
svr_pezbots_mode          //sets the mode to start the mod in, options are "dev" and "normal" (defaults to normal)

An example command line would be:

  iw3mp.exe "+set fs_game "mods/PeZBOT" +set svr_pezbots 4 +set svr_pezbots_team autoassign"

Example in console: 

  /set svr_pezbots 4

Waypoint Editor...................................................................................

  In order to use the waypoint editor you must start PeZBOT in dev mode by putting "+set svr_pezbots_mode dev" on your command line. Waypoints are represented by a colored vertical line, links between waypoints are represented by blue lines. All waypoints have a radius around them which you have to be within to modify them. When you are in range of a waypoint the line color will pulse to let you know you are in range.


  Attack Button:---  Add waypoint.
  Ads Button:------  Delete waypoint.
  Use Button:------  Start Link/Confirm Link.
  Frag Button:-----  Start Link/Remove Link.
  Melee Button:----  Save waypoints to console_mp.log in PeZBOT mod folder.
Waypoint Colors:

  Red:-------------  Waypoint with no children, this is bad, link it to another waypoint.
  Purple:----------  Waypoint with one child, this is not so bad however it is a dead end, these are especially good for
                     getting the bots to go to the right place up next to the radios in headquarters.
  Green:-----------  Waypoint with more than one child, these are safe.

  Before you start, keep in mind that due to technical difficulties with cod4 you will NEED to send me your waypoint files to patch them into the mod.ff.

  I find the easiest way to use the editor is to first Add a waypoint, then press the Use Button while standing over the waypoint, to start a link. Move to the position you would like to place the next waypoint, Add another waypoint, then press the Use Button while standing over the waypoint to Confirm the Link. You should now see a blue line between the two waypoints.

  If you wish to remove a link between two waypoints; Stand over the first waypoint, press the frag button, move over to the second waypoint and press the frag button again. The link is now removed.

  To delete a waypoint, move over to it and press the Ads Button, the waypoint is now deleted, Note: deleting waypoints also removes the links to all of the deleted waypoint's children.

  Before saving look around the map and make sure that there a NO RED WAYPOINTS. There should be 99% green waypoints, and some dead ends (mostly placed for specific reasons like getting close to typical camping spots)

  To save waypoints to your mods/PeZBOT/console_mp.log, press the Melee Button. Usually you will need to press the save button a few times for the log to output the entire buffer. You will see "Save Successful" on the bottom left of the 
screen, this means some if not all waypoints were written to console_mp.log. Check to make sure all waypoints were written.
You can tell if they were all written by looking for a line starting with a number followed by a comma and the word end.
For example "169,end". The start of the waypoint list starts at the line beginning with "0," it should look something like "0,1774.5 834.7 67.6,1 6,stand". The line above this has the name of the file you need to copy and paste the waypoints into. 
Create a file with this name and copy all the lines from "0," through to "whatever,end", and paste them into the new file.
Final step is emailing the file to me at "". I'll patch the waypoints into the mod.ff and send you a new mod.ff asap. It will probably contain a bunch of other waypoints for other custom maps also.

  Appologies for such a difficult save method, however it was the only way to get data out of cod4, all files are loaded AND saved into FF format. Meaning that if you want to save to a file, it is saved into the mod.ff, and you need to have an 
empty file with that name in there already.. Which is just rediculous. Anyway.. there it is :)

Revision Info...................................................................................

Version 001p

- Animated bots will only work with version COD4 MW v1.4, for some reason, in 1.5 the weapons are screwed;
  bots animate through weapon changes therefore they will look really stuffed. (although they still path-find and fight)
- Bots will play deathmatch, team deathmatch, and domination, all other game types will make bots think
  they are playing team deathmatch (other gametypes coming in a future release).
- Bots dynamically generate their paths with ray collides, this is sooo dodgy it's not funny, however
  it works for the most part. Watch in amazement as they walk through walls (and in circles ;) ).
  Predefined waypoint following will be in a future release.
- These bots should be ok on most levels, HOWEVER i've only really tested them thoroughly on backlot, i know for certain
  that they like to get stuck between containers on shipment. They will probably go awol on  throught the 
  guardrails tho... lawl :D.
- All bots have an m16, this is because IW in their infinite wisdom... *cough*.. decided to set the maximum weapon limit
  to 128. Unfortunately with all the weapons in COD4 this only allows 6 or so extra weapon assets, PeZBOT needs
  6 or so weapons per weapon type (m16, mp5 ect) to animate, therefore it can only support one weapon type until this is fixed
  in a future patch of the engine (fingers crossed)...

Version 002p

- Animated bots now work with v1.5.

- Fixed issue with bots not rejoining correctly after map rotation.

- Bots no longer face their target until they can see it.

- Bots will target and shoot back if you shoot them while in their current goal.

Version 003p

- Bots now follow SOME of the quick commands, they are;

    On Me! - Bot's within 2000 inch radius, will follow player giving the command.
    Move In! - Bots will stop following player, and continue playing the gametype.
    Base Of Fire! - Bots will shoot at the place you are pointing to 
                    when you issue the command. They will keep shooting until 
                    player tells them to do something else, or they see an enemy.

- Using UAV now also spawns a pack of dogs that attack the enemy for 2 minutes. For now 
  (till i get the time to make a custom class just for dogs) the sniper class is 
  replaced with dogs, so if you choose a sniper class other ppl will see
  you as a dog doing a handstand half way embedded in the ground. So i'd avoid that :)
  Use "svr_pezbots_dogpack_size" to change the number of dogs spawned.

- Bots can now play headquarters.  
- Bots can now use the hardpoint perks; uav+dogs, airstrike, and helicopter.

- Bots throw grenades. (120-1 chance they will throw instead of shooting).

- Bot animation system improvements, less jiggling about. Correct death anims etc..

- Better ground clamping, bot's shouldn't get stuck in the upper floors of buildings 
  anywhere near as much as they used to.
- Bots now push out of eachother while moving, so they dont get stuck inside eachother.

Version 004p

- Bots eyes are now in their head instead of their chest, so they can now see over things
  and look a little less oblivious to your presence.

- Improved bot aiming and shooting functionality. 

- Bots now have a global skill variable "svr_pezbots_skill", you specify a value between 0.0 and 1.0, defaults to 0.5.
  Example in console: /set svr_pezbots_skill 0.5
- Added waypoints to all default maps so bots can get around alot faster and easier now. (still has some bugs in it
  so let me know of specific areas that are busted, some maps and gametypes are better than others).

- svr_pezbots_dogpack_size now defaults to 0 as the dogs are a little overpowered and detract from the normal game 
  a bit.  But dont worry they are still in there, you just have to specify the size you want.

- Can now use snipers and you wont look like an acrobatic dog.

- Fixed (HACKED AROUND) map rotate problems. NOTE: depending on how many bots you use you will probably be left with
  an empty server after a few map changes, this is a cod4 bug that i cant fix just yet.. At least until i work out
  how to un-zombify testclients. Anyway it works better than it used to. :)

- Added waypoint editor functionality, see readme.txt for details.

Version 004p2

- I just HAD to fix the pathfinding, it's 100% better than it used to be. :)

Have Fun!!

Date: 2/5/08

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