PG's how to get SP skins to work in 1.7



this is a tutorial on how to install and get skins to work in singleplayer for the new cod4 1.7 patch. Includes all the files you need EXCEPT the actual custom skins. This works just like mods do in multiplayer. So you modders can use this to apply code, models ect.



SP Skins core files

by PenguinGeneral
game: COD4


Place the FOLDER named SP_SKins in C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern WarfareMods

then place any skin .iwd files that you downloaded into C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern WarfareModsSP_Skins

How to run:

once installed, if your COD4 is installed in the C hard drive then you can use the shortcut provided, otherwise copy your origional cod4 sp shortcut and right click it, select properties,  then in the text box named 'target' add this line, including the space at the beggining:

 +set fs_game "mods/SP_Skins"

once again you must place the skin .iwd files into the mods/sp_skins folder, like you would for the main folder.

u may rename any folder names and please distrubute this so more people can have sp skins.


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