Pripyat Exclusion Zone



Version 2 Public of the map, bug fix + enhancements! Enjoy :)

The map is based on the popular SP level "All Ghillied Up" and on real photograph of Pripyat/Chernobyl and it is Dedicated to all of those who lost their lives in the Chernobyl Disaster on the 26 of April 1986.



Description             : Public Version 2. Map based on the popular SP level "All Ghillied Up" and on real photograph of Pripyat/Chernobyl
			  Dedicated to all of those who lost their lives in the Chernobyl Disaster on the 26 of April 1986.
			  More infos: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chernobyl_disaster

Please report all bugs/issues on gameplay, spawn, textures or anything on the Raiders's Website


* Information *

Game                    : COD4
Type                    : Multiplayer

Supported Stock Modes	: DM/WAR/KOTH/SD/SAB/DOM (4 flags)/Old School (no perks)
Supported AWE4  Modes	: CTF/CTFB/HTF/RE and CNQ!!!!
Tested OK on		: AWE4 1.3/ACE 1.8/Extreme 1.1beta

--> Use latest AWE4 for CONQUEST TDM (http://www.raidersmerciless.com/forumdisplay.php?f=192)

Requires                : COD MP 1.5
Players                 : 8-64

* Construction *

Base                   : Scoutsniper SP Level (from Screenshots, videos), various photographs gathered here http://www.zeroy.com/gallery/
Editor                 : Codradiant/textpad/Paintshop pro
Buildtime              : About 60 Days, over 100 hours
Sounds/Textures        : All stock - some altered (Players Models Skins) - geiger sound recorded of SP mission
Known Bugs             : In DOM, Flag number 4 (D) has no audio (IW didnt include the sounds for flag d and e)
			 Some flow flake in tunnel when Dvar is used (pripyat_snow "1")
* Installation *                

Extract the zip somewhere.

Place the ff files in a folder called usermapsmp_pripyat of your cod4 install

Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare 

!!!! mp_pripyat.iwd the iwd file should remain in the same folder as .ff files !!!!

More infos on this here: http://www.raidersmerciless.com/showthread.php?p=29004

To run, join a server or, type in the console /map mp_pripyat

* Map Dvar For Server Admins *

Here are the few option (Dvar) you can usse to customize the map or turn off a function in case of a problem :)

To use the Dvars just add them to your Game server .cfg file (example server.cfg)

set pripyat_nofx "0" 			// Set to 1 to remove all FX in the map (some lights will remain on barrel_fire) (default 0)
set pripyat_nomusic "0" 		// Set to 1 to remove Music (default 0)
set pripyat_nofog "0" 			// Set to 1 to remove Fog in map (default 0)
set pripyat_radiation "1"		// Set to 0 to remove ALL radiation zone and disable Suit pick also. (default 1)
set pripyat_suit_respawntime "15"	// Set the number in seconds before new suit spawns after pickup. (default 15)
set pripyat_radiation_kill "5" 		// Set the time in seconds before player death when in Radiated Zone (default 15)
set pripyat_nosuit "0" 			// Set to 1 to remove the suit changing feature on players (default 0)
set pripyat_nodrown "0" 		// Set to 1 to remove drowning in pond (default 0)
set pripyat_snow "0"			// Set to 1 to change weather to snow with new FXs/Fog (default 0)

M21 Suppressed

Optional, you can use the weapon's folder provided in the archive to replace the M21 by the SP M21 Woodland Suppressed.

!!!! NOTE ==> when used, ONLY maps which have the extra models in will work !!!!

* Skins *

Inside the IWD are a few altered Skins for the players, these are entirely optional.

sas_ct_bodies_sp_col.iwi --> Orange skin used for Radiation Suit
opforce_fullwrap_col_sp.iwi --> Black headwrap instead of Arab (dont ask thats IW doing!)
opforce_body_sp_col.iwi --> Altered Suit for Assault/Spec Ops Spetsnaz by ZeLimper

There are also two minimap_pripyatX.iwi this is because a special minimap is used for Conquest TDM gametype.
It is very important to keep both compass (and loadscreen too) in the IWD.

* Credits *

RGN Team including Mike_Nomad, Tally (AWE/CNQ)
NovemberDobby (suit pickup scripting)
ZeLimper (Spetnaz skins)
Carcass26 (container prefabs)

And for testing alpha/beta releases and help:
BritishBulldog1 and HoB Testers, Chaz, ODB_Anasazi, Tiller, t3chn0r, Silicone_Milk,
{PST}Joker, 4Mori|Rabbit, Major_pain, PorterJustice.

Thanks to all the help from IW.com forums, and off course the IW team to let us play with their engine/tools!!

* Permissions*

All original and composed textures or assets in this level remain property of
the sources respective owners.

NOTE: do not decompile or memory dump the map .ff file without the express permission of its authors.

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