RconMax(MW) is an Rcon Server Admin tool for Call Of Duty 4 (COD4).


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RconMax(MW) is an Rcon Server Admin tool for Call Of Duty 4 (COD4).

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Download 'rconmaxmw_install_1.0.0.rar' (2.18MB)

This feature list will be continually updated as features are added to RconMAX(MW).

Items marked with (ro) are read only, you can not change them with RconMAX(MW).
Items in square brackets [] are to be added soon.


RconMAX 2 runs with process priority of "Low" so as to reduce any impact when playing COD4 at the same time as running RconMAX 2. Most significant for PC's with one single core processor.


Server Connection - Maintain a list of COD4 servers. Add / Delete / Update.

Connect - Connect to the selected server.

Send a manual command to the server and see the console response.

Server General

Game Name(ro)

Short Version (ro)

Map Types


Host Name




Game Type (ro)

Map Name (ro)

Min Ping

Max Ping

Max Rate

Max Clients

Private Clients

Public Clients (ro)

Protocol (ro)

Reconnect Limit

Temp Ban Duration

Server Password

Private Client Password

Pure - ON / OFF

Anti Lag - ON / OFF

PunkBuster (ro)

Flood Protect - ON / OFF

Allow Anonymous - ON / OFF

Disable Client Console - ON / OFF

Compass Show Enemies (ro)

Shut-down / Restart Server

Send Command To Server

Server Other

Voting - ON / OFF

Kill Cam - ON / OFF

Team Balance - ON / OFF

Voice - ON / OFF

Voice Quality

Server Time Out

Connection Time Out

Restart PunkBuster

Friendly Fire - Off / Normal / Reflective / Shared

Spectate - Disable / Team / Free

Old School - ON / OFF

Old School / Perks - ON / OFF

Hard Core - ON / OFF

Head Shots Only - ON / OFF

Force UAV

Hard Points

Hard Points / Artillery

Hard Points / UAV

Hard Points / Helecopter


Lost Of Maps

Local List - Load a list of maps held locally in RconMAX(MW)

Next Map - Play the next map in the rotation

Restart - Restart / reload the current map

Fast Restart - Restart the current map without reloading it

Load Map - Loads the map selected from the List Of Maps

Map Rotation

Get - Get the current map rotation from the server

Edit - Edit the map rotation

Send - Send the map rotation to the server

Clear - Clear the map rotation text box

Game Type - Select the game type for Add Map and Add All

Add Map - Add the map selected in the List Of Maps to the rotation.

Add All - Add all of the maps from the List Of Maps to the map rotation

Lucky Dip - Randomly generate map rotation.

Game Mode

Game Type - Dom / Sab / FFA / S&D / HQ / WAR

S&D Score Limit

S&D Time Limit

S&D Round Switch

S&D Bomb Timer

S&D Plant Time

S&D Defuse Time

S&D Multi Bomb

SAB Score Limit

SAB Time Limit

SAB Round Switch

SAB Bomb Timer

SAB Plant Time

SAB Defuse Time

SAB Hot Potato

HQ Score Limit

HQ Time Limit

HQ Auto Destroy Time

HQ HQ Mode

HQ Spawn Time

DOM Score Limit

DOM Time Limit

DM Score Limit

DM Time Limit

WAR Score Limit

WAR Time Limit


Turn on / off individual weapons and nades.


View Players - No / Name /Score / Ping / GUID / IP Address / Port No / Qrate / Last Message

Hide / show - GUID / Full data

No color - View player names without color characters

Kick Player

Temp Ban Player

Ban Player

Kick All Players

Save - Saves player list to text file and opens it in Notepad

Send Message To Player

8 User Definable Messages

Free Text Message

Auto Update Player List

[Auto Kick Players With A Ping Of 999]

[Auto Kick Players With A High Ping]

[Set High Ping Threshold]


Quick Message 

Quick Message color Code Buttons

Auto Messaging

Auto Message Groups

Auto Messages

Auto Message color Code Buttons

Add / Edit / Delete Auto Messages

Schedule auto messages (every x seconds)


Updates - Check for updates on the web.

Compact - Compact data file.

This is a full install of RconMax(MW).

This release includes:
- Thanks to the efforts of Capt.Com we will be adding French.

- Thanks to the efforts of VettyVictor we will be adding Dutch.

- More items have been translated into Polish and German thanks to the continued efforts of WUWU and NBC.

- 400 items translated into four languages.

- When RconMax(MW) disconnects Auto functions are turned off.

- Minimize to system tray.

- Donate button added to the about screen. So if you like RconMax(MW) and the mood takes you, try clicking it...

- Select All and Deselect All buttons added to the Weapons Tab.

- Enable / disable weapon attachments.

- Enable / disable weapons drop by class.

- Enable / disable classes.

- Picture preview of selected map in map tab.

- Enable / disable perks.

- Game server information (IP, Port, Rcon) now stored in registry so when upgrading to future visions you will not have to re-enter the information.

- Option to set how frequently RconMax(MW) will check for updates.

- Connection tab. Connection button and text boxes become disabled after connection. Selecting a different server will cause RconMax(MW) to disconnect and the controls will become enabled again.

- Abbreviated the game type labels to save space on screen.

- Additional information added to the system out put to file function to assist in identifying problems.

- Some weapon names have been changed to reflect the in game name rather than the cvar name.

- The amount of players on the server not being displayed on the caption of the players list group box when a language other than English is selected.

- Trying to connect to an invalid IP address generating 4 error messages.

- Fixed the "Head Quaters" typo. Thanks to HotLead for bringing it to our attention.

- Clicking to move an auto server message up or down the list without having selected a message caused an error.

- Some of the weapons would not enable / disable.

- Clicking Get All on the Weapons tab when not connected to a server would generate many "Not Connected" messages.

- Changing Max Clients was actually effective however it caused RconMax(MW) to display and error.

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