Here's an awesome, creative new CoD4 multi-player map by Carcass26 (haven't see any of his work in a while). As you may have guessed, the ma...


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Here's an awesome, creative new CoD4 multi-player map by Carcass26 (haven't see any of his work in a while). As you may have guessed, the map is based on a scrapyard but that's where the junk ends. ;) The landscaping and layout has been beautifully prepared with realistic, stimulating object placement and texture choices. I'm sad that the cars aren't destructible, but that's something we'll just have to live with in exchange for such a great looking map. Just check it out in the screenshots below, and play it on all your favorite gametypes! :thumbsup:


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Download '' (45.93MB)


Map Title                : mp_scrap
Map Version              : 1.0
Author                   : Carcass26
E-mail                   : Carcass26[at]
Website                  :

Game                     : Call of Duty 4

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer

                         : Deathmatch
                         : Team Deathmatch
                         : Sabotage
                         : Domination
			 : Search and Destroy
			 : Headquarters
			 : CTF / CTFb
                         : OldSchool

Map Size                 : 8-24 : Medium Map


Contents of this Package :

     2x .ff
     1x .iwd
     4x Screenshots


Installation Instructions:

     Extract mp_scrap folder to [root]/CoD4/usermaps (create folder if missing)

     Rcon name for map is "mp_scrap"


Construction Time        : 10 weeks

Map Build Info		 : Brushes			7532
			   Curves			539
			   Terrain			1398
			   Total			9469

			   Brush Entities		1543
			   Box Entities			492
			   Model Entities		2426
			   Prefabs			1397
			   Total			5858

Custom Content           : Custom decal texture
			 : 3 Custom scrap textures with Normal maps (Bump Maps)
			 : Custom Window Breaker Script
			 : Custom Struct/FX Script

Known Bugs               : Map is created Sas vs Spetsnaz but works only with mods that have the _teams.gsc updated.
			   If you play this on a server and it is not SAS vs Spetsnaz, you may need to inform the Mod Creator that
			   that they need to update their _teams.gsc. This problem should be corrected in 1.6 patch.
			   The correct player models will definitely be shown whilst using the customMaps Mod.
			 : A very few models may appear black on low graphics settings. This is a problem that I suspect is related to the Light Grid,
			   but have not been able to rectify it.
			 : The perspective of the minimap is a little off in the South West corner. I'm still experimenting for a solution
			   to this common problem.
			 : Not so much a bug, but due to model limits I was unable to include destructible cars to the Used Car Lot as
			   originally planned.

Average FPS		 : 70FPS  

Project Info             : This map is a MODSCON08 WINNER.

			   I wanted to create a map that allowed the player to have a different playing experience to a standard map,
			   in that they can quickly switch between Close Quarter Battles at ground level to ambushing unsuspecting 
			   players from above or sniping across the map.
			   The map is essentially a large open map, but can cater for all gameplay styles. So a player can happily run
			   around with a shotgun, while another can climb to the high ground and have plenty of options to snipe.
			   It took a lot of careful positioning of objects and terrain to ensure I created a realistic location that
			   blocked certain Lines of Sight and ensured balanced gameplay, but I am confident I've pulled it off.


Thank You to		 : Zeroy for various tutorials
			 : Robinson for his Custom Struct/FX tutorial
			 : FD for his Custom Window Breaker Script
			 : Ray for his inspiration for the car crusher
			 : for there great selection of images for custom texures
			 : Everyone that took the time to help test the map
			 : Everyone that put up with me constantly working on this project			                           


Feedback		 : All feedback is welcome! Please email me with any problems or comments.
			   Thanks for downloading, and Enjoy!

			   This map can be found on the 'Evil Monkeys Custom Hardcore' server :

			   This map is also available in the MODSCON08 map pack

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