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Custom Weapon Modification to help bring the weapons in Call of Duty 4 a little bit closer to realism...



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Custom Weapon Modification to help bring the weapons in Call of Duty 4 a little bit closer to realism...


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tcweapons custom modification for Call of Duty 4


Thank you for your interest in our tcweapons_custom modification.


Change Log:

Laser Sights Activated

1 Extra Ammo Clip Added to all weapons except SideArms and Sniper Rifles

LMG's now have 200 round Box's instead of 100 round chains...

1014 Shotgun now has the correct pellet count 21

Fire Rate has been corrected all weapons... Set to military specs.

Weapon kick adjusted to some weapons without crossing the line of whats good for the game and whats real...

Range corrections All Weapons... Example: The Desert Eagle and the Skorpion will be less likely used as sniper rifles...

Minor Damage Adjustments

Special Additions:

Full Auto Military G3 with no attachment

3-Round Burst G3 Acog

Full Auto Military m14 with no attachment

3-Round Burst m14 with Acog


The modification can be added to your servers mod folder right along with your favorite game mod or if you have the knowledge just open the tcweapons_custom
iwd and add the weapons file to your favorite mod's iwd file.

Remember to shut off any config commands pertaining to laser sights that your favorite mod 

may contain. This will correct problems associated with night mods and laser start up issue's...

Not recommended for Sniper Servers. The Sniper Rifles have to be adjusted to out of this world ranges in order to get them to work for the large sniper type maps...

The tcweapons_custom modification has been tested on the ACE 1.7, ACE 1.8, and X4 game mod'S...

Any questions please contact =TC= Buster at or stop over at our website...


note: please do not claim this as your own... if you add this to a gaming mod you are creating or a 

current one please give credit to

All weapons have been researched tested...


Editing and Research > =TC= Buster

Military and Civilian Weapons Expert > =TC= Moose

Testing > =TC= Bollockhead =TC= Autolicus =TC= Muskrat =TC= Savage

Special Thanks to all of "The Company Gaming Community" and the makers of the ACE and Extreme Mod's...

The Company Gaming CoD4 Server's Ranked CTF Sniper

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