The Cypress Swamps

This Updated Version of this Beta Release Fixes an issue with the m21 Sniper Rifle showing up as a Red FX in other maps running in the Serve...


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This Updated Version of this Beta Release Fixes an issue with the m21 Sniper Rifle showing up as a Red FX in other maps running in the Servers Rotation. There were some Bad Xmodels that had been in the zone file and packed in the .ff file that had been overlooked. Please use this Updated Version for the Beta Testing. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Here is an exclusive map of The Cypress Swamps. The map consists of pools of swampy water, littered with lily pads, cattails and dense vegetation to conceal yourself in. Watch out though as you can drown in the swamp water. The surrounding foothills have some access sniper positions that look over the swamp, as well as two caves with glow sticks and a campfire for lighting. There are three buildings that have access as well as the attics for sniper positions. Since the buildings are up on stilts because of the terrain, the dark shadows under the Shacks provide perfect positions for incoming attacks. This map supports all gametypes including CFT, CFTB and HTF.

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Download '' (51.9MB)

NOTE:  This map requires the Updated Teams.gsc for servers to show the proper teams being SAS vs Spetnaz.  I have also included the Xmodels for Desert as well, so even if you do not have the Updated Teams.gsc, there is a chance the Desert Models will work properly.


Woodland spawmpland type map.
Possible to Drown in bodies of water.
UAV, Airstrikes and Helicopters available.

Supported Gametypes:

- Free-for-all (dm)
- Team Deathmatch (war)
- Domination (dom)
- Headquater (koth)
- Sabotage (sab)
- Search and Destroy (sd)
- Capture the Flag & Capture the Flag (Back) & HTF for AWE and ACE

Players per faction:

15+ Players


SAS vs Speznas

NOTE: If your Mod does not support the Ghillie suits, using the new/updated teams.gsc I have also added default Desert, Marines VS Opfor, which should show up if your Mod does not support Ghillie Suits.

Please test all gametypes, and report back any glitches, gametype issues or spawn problems. Please post them in the comments section.

If your loadscreen says "BETA" then you are running the "BETA" version as the final version that should be released in one month from now will include any new fixes and a loadscreen without the "BETA" printed on it. Enjoy.

This was a group effort and a 2008 DeekCiti Environments Production.  More maps to come.

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