This map contains a vast range for all types of players. The open fields and forests for snipers, and the four very large buildings for clo...


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This map contains a vast range for all types of players. The open fields and forests for snipers, and the four very large buildings for close combat players. Each building has rooftop access except the Mansion located near the Windmill. The mansion contains 10+ rooms, along with a full basement, 4 working elevators and 3 floors to battle in. Watch out though as the mansion is booby-trapped. If you can find the Secret passage out of the mansion you'll find yourself in a catacomb system that can take you to the House located in the middle of the map. This house also contains 3 floors plus the attic. The catacomb system can take you to the other two Buildings as well, as each house has underground access so players never need to surface to move from one side of the map, to the other. Located at the top of the hill near the farm house you'll find a Silo, and a perfect snipers position to look over 3 of the 4 Houses. Each House has its perks depending on your load out. You will also find in the forest area a tree house and a climbable tree, which is marked with the standard teddy bear at the base of the tree. There is a pond located near the forest in which you can drown in, so watch out how long you stay under water! There are working doors, garage doors and secret passages. There are also a couple secret rooms to locate and can become handy. This map is huge and supports all standard gametypes along with CTF, CTFB and HTF. This is a fun map, very hands on, player friendly and intractable map. Enjoy!

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Download '' (65.91MB)

NOTE: This map requires the Updated Teams.gsc for servers to show the proper teams being SAS vs Spetnaz. I have also included the Xmodels for Desert as well, so even if you do not have the Updated Teams.gsc, there is a chance the Desert Models will work properly.


- 3 Very Large Houses, each with 3 floors including a basement, and 1 Huge Mansion, complete with 4 working Elevators and booby traps.  All houses have rooftop access except the Mansion due to its location.
- 1 Working Windmill, and 1 Silo, both made for snipers.
- There is a Catacomb System that runs to and from each building so that all buildings have underground access.
- There is a tree fort in the forest, along with 1 Climbable tree, marked with a teddy bear.
- Doors that open, and Secret walls that open along with a couple secret rooms.
- Possible to Drown in bodies of water.  (Rumor that ACE mod crashes using Drown Script??)  (Looking for Fix)
- UAV, Airstrikes and Helicopters available.

Supported Gametypes:

- Free-for-all (dm)
- Team Deathmatch (war)
- Domination (dom)
- Headquater (koth)
- Sabotage (sab)
- Search and Destroy (sd)
- Capture the Flag & Capture the Flag (Back) & HTF for AWE and ACE

Players per faction:

15+ Players


SAS vs Speznas
+ Desert Uniforms

NOTE: If your Mod does not support the Ghillie suits, using the new/updated teams.gsc I have also added default Desert, Marines VS Opfor, which should show up if your Mod does not support Ghillie Suits.

Please test all gametypes, and report back any glitches, gametype issues or spawn problems. Please post them in the comments section.

If your loadscreen says "BETA" then you are running the "BETA" version as the final version that should be released in one month from now will include any new fixes and a loadscreen without the "BETA" printed on it. Enjoy.

This was a group effort and a 2008 DeekCiti Environments Production. More maps to come.


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