UltraStats is a stats parser and web front-end for Call of Duty (+UO), Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4. it shows a multitude of various st...


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UltraStats is a stats parser and web front-end for Call of Duty (+UO), Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4. it shows a multitude of various statistics from number of kills to favorite weapons used.

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Download 'ultrastatsbuild0.2.136.zip' (8.22MB)

About UltraStats

Somebody really reads this document, hurra :D! So you proberly want to know more about UltraStats ;)!

There have been some beta releases in 2006, and a little bit silence since that. Now with Call of Duty 4 the interests in making stats for this franchise returned to me, and so here it is. The first BETA Version of UltraStats which supports Call of Duty 4. 

THIS IS BETA SOFTWARE, do not expect Final Release quality! I expect that there are still bugs in the UltraStats! If you found a bug, please check the known Issues section before you post a new thread into our Forums ;)!
What is UltraStats? 

UltraStats is a stats parser and web front-end for Call of Duty (+UO), Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4.
What features are supported yet?

Currently there is already a bunch of features available, for details see List below: 

Main Overview with Top Played Rounds, Top Players, Serverlist and Medallist
Total Statistics and per Server statistics, so you can either view statistics for all servers consolidated, or only for a Server. 
Round based Stats, this means each played round is recorded and can be viewed in a large list. It is also possible to filter the rounds by gametype
Round Details, for each round you will be able to view details like Kills Deaths, a chatlog and round ration per player. 
Player Search, you can search either by Ingame-GUID or PlayerAlias
Player Stats, lists players by different criteria's like most kills or deaths. 
Player Details, which is available for each player. Many things like Favorite Weapon and Map are displayed, a hit location model where the player hit others and were hit. 
Weapon Stats, display details about the weapons and the Top Killer's and Top Killed By. If you filter by server, you will only see the weapons that have been used on the server.
Server Stats, shows the maps played on the Server, sorted by PlayCount. For each map you can also browse through the last played rounds. 
Admin Center, gives you the possibility to fully administrate UltraStats. You can edit players, add / edit servers, download and parse logfiles, or clean up the database.
Ban Players, if you think someone cheats you can simple ban him in the Player editor. He will be totally hidden in the stats, but the data remains intact. You can also delete him if you want to totally get rid if him ;)!
MultiLanguage, by default there is english and german, but other languages are easily possible. Contact us if you are interested in translation UltraStats into your foreign language!
Time Logging, a little bit experimential as it is a mix of the file creation date of the logfile, and the time entries in the logfile, which start from 0 everytime the server is restarted. 

What features are planned for the future? 

My todo list grows every day, but here is a list of most important things this will be added till the final release: 

Admin Center: Weapon Editor, so you can edit the weapon details. 
Admin Center: String Editor, so you can edit map, weapon and others texts in the database. 
Admin Center: Player Editor, additional fields will be available like adding a picture and description for players. Typically you would do this for Clan members. 
Admin Center: User Access Level, which means you will be able to define different access levels for users. Useful for GameServer ISP's who do not want the Clans to have full control on the stats. 
Clanfilter: You can already set a flag to specify who is a Clanmember and who is not. In the final version, you will be able to only display Stats for Clan members. 
ServerStats: Add LiveView, so you can see who is actually playing on the Server. 
RoundStats: Calcute Rounds Results based on Actions, for better detailed results. 
SkillValue: Will be added, so you have an additional value which will be a configurable value from Kills, Deaths, GameActions and so on. 
Add Menu into Language System, hasn't been done yet. 
Add more map and weapon description, also in german language!
lots of other stuff which I can't remember at the moment ;)
Time Filter, Year and month. The database already logs Year and month data, with the final, it will be possible to filter the statistics by Year and even by Month. A very nice feature for monthly stats without deleting the database. 
Known Issues

There are some problems I am aware of, but haven't got the time to really fix them. You will find a list below: 
Time Calculation is not accurate yet, for some reason the time runs forward. I will have to rewrite the time calc coding in order to fix this.  
Important Notices! 

There are things you have to take care when you use UltraStats. 
MultiServer - If you are using more then one Server in your UltraStats Installation, make sure that your game server is using DIFFERENT game log files! During development, I had the case where one log file contained the data of two servers. The log file was totally garbage and did not produce any useful results!


If you experience any bugs, feel free to post into our Forums! Thanks!


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