Visual Mod



graphic in-game, and you can also save it (This time it is written to your console_mp.log in the folder of this mod, from where you can copy it into a config file. You can set the team colors, animate the sun, modify the blur, etc. To see exactly what it does, check the images, videos, or download, and try it. Just extract the folder from the downloaded compressed file into your "Mods" directory, and start the game with the "Start" shortcut. If you didn't install your game to its default path, then rewrite it in the properties of the shortcut (You can also set the starting map here).If you have an idea for it, contact me!You can change the RGB code of a color by clicking on the name of the command.Usable commands:/openScriptMenu vision save - Save vision settings/openScriptMenu vision open - Open vision settings/openScriptMenu config save - Save config settings/openScriptMenu config open - Open config settings/openScriptMenu config killfeed - Test killfeed/openScriptMenu anim save - Save sun animation/openScriptMenu anim test - Test sun animation/openScriptMenu anim open - Open sun animation settingsIf you like it, and you gonna use it, please help ModBase with your donation!


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