Waffle Mod



This is basically the first version of the WaffleMod, fixing a huge bug in the MK19's

This is a mod which has no specific purpose, other than to enhance the gameplay with as many insane features I could fit in. It contains many new gametypes: Capture the Flag, Retrieval, Zombies, and Rambo. Enjoy, and I hope you have as much fun playing this as I did making it.



WaffleMod v1.01
by: Waffles( xfire: basheduwithaflopus ), Pitbullos( xfire: pitbullos )

This is an overall game type mod, meaning it is not for one specific purpose, 
except to improve the quality of COD4 by adding everything under the sun 
I thought would be fun.

Flyable Helicopters
Modwarfare + Custom classes
"Autopilot" Bot control of players, for AFKs to continue playing (still not perfect, rather buggy)
New Game types: Zombies (zom), Retrieval( ret ), Capture the Flag( ctf ), Rambo( rambo )
Retrieval is a game type where there are supplies that the defenders have, the attackers must
find it and bring it back to the extraction
Rambo is a game type where there is one player who has all perks and guns and extra health, when he dies
A new Rambo is selected randomly and it goes on.
Minimums, turrets for players to set and fire
Camo for Modwarfare
Abilities to change:
jump height and fall damage
Knife Lunge (on or off)
Sprint (on or off)
Machine Gun Turrets (on or off)
Take grenades at spawn
Stackable Weapon Pickup ( VOID space )
Headshot only mode (on or off)
Zombies to climb walls in zombies game type (on or off)
Infinite Ammo (on or off)
Ability to choose at what streak you get each hardpoint
Server Messages + welcome Messages
Way to kick for excessive Grenade launcher and Shooting without Sights
Music for Client to listen to
Way to prevent clients from aiming down sights in mid-air
Prestige Mode, ranks 56-65
Auto rank to rank 55 for all clients
Special Admin Rank
Spawn Protection
Admin Controls:
Say in center of screen
Say in bottom left corner
Lift camper in air
Kill player
Warning System for players breaking rules
Change player's team
Change player to spectator
Throwing Knives for players
Option to kill players in air for over 10 seconds, AKA falling off map
Gravity Mines: knocks players backwards
Time Bombs: 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds
Teleport Mines: teleports players to given location
Shove Blocker: shoves a teammate forward who is blocking a doorway or other area

New Perks:
Longer Knife: doubles knife lunging range
Suicide Bomber: gives you a weapon to blow yourself and others up
Jetpack: gives you a jetpack
Redone claymores: claymores are now auto firing MK19 Turrets
Redone c4: c4 now moves throughout map hunting players and auto detonating
Longer Knife replaces martyrdom
Suicide Bomber replaces Eavesdrop
Jetpack replaces Bomb Squad

Not Sure about this mod? Want a test?
Visit these servers which are currently running the Wafflemod Pitbull and Wafflemod Server. Hungary Server
Highly skinned, with weapon changes and large download with Music + custom maps 101stMer Wafflemod Server. Chicago Server
Smaller Download, Custom maps + Music


Place Mod.ff, walrus.iwd in your fs_game folder
Optional: place music.iwd with your selected Music in Folder
To install Music: put in config file what songs you want, and how many
Put each in iwd under sounds/music naming each one music10.mp3, music2.mp3
music3.mp3, music4.mp3, music5.mp3, music6.mp3, music7.mp3, music8.mp3 music9.mp3
With Music10.mp3 being your first song.
To set up admin rank, once the server is set up, connect, and on first spawn
A message will appear saying: You connected with A GUID of:
and a steam of numbers and letters. Write down those numbers and letters
and put in under the command: adminguid1, or any adminguid up to 6
ex: set adminguid1 5ac461de1831181e1b7d42dce5024845
To give your clan's custom logo: simply replace logo.iwi in walrus.iwd with your clan’s logo
To give your clan's custom load bar: simply replace k3_loadbar.iwi and k3_loadbar_back.iwi in walrus.iwd
Special thanks again to kill3r for letting me use his k3 Load bar

Use of this Mod:
Feel free to use this mod anywhere you like as long as you give me credit
Feel free to edit any code in code_svr.iwd to suit your needs for this mod
Feel free to borrow any code you wish from it, all code is stored in code_svr.iwd
DO NOT feel free to memory dump this mod.
Please give me credit if you use it.

Known Bugs:
mp_citystreets does NOT work with this mod
mp_backlot and mp_killhouse will not work if it is a round based game type or map is restarted
Solution: Take out of map rotation
Minigun has no world model
Solution: none at this time
AutoBot is buggy
Solution: you don't have to use it
Music1 must be named Music10 in Music.iwd

Crazyankles for his sword
Joker for the Nuke image
Kill3r for his load bar
Zeroy for his m21 Suppressed and Kar98
The Song Down with the Sickness is copyright of the band disturbed,
I take no credit for their Music.
Any images of the Terminator are copyright of Terminator, I take no credit for creating it

Legality Issues:
I would highly recommend you get permission from any makers of any music
you decide to host, I am not responsible for any issues you have, legal or not,
you encounter from using this mod. 
All Images and music that come with this mod were put in by Pitbullos xfire: pitbullos
If you have any issues with images or music, please bring them up with him.

Special Thanks:
Crazyankl3s for helping me out with everything plus his awesome knife
|EAS| Redrock for helping out with images
Joker for letting me use his nuke image
Novemberdobby for withstanding endless problems I had
Kill3r for letting me use his load bar
105MER clan 
[PIT] Clan
Friendly Fire Servers
All the beta testers who withstood constant bugs

Any feedback or issues you have?
Feel free to xfire me: basheduwithaflopus.

I hope you enjoy playing this mod as much as I did making it.

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