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JT targets modsonline.com

At the direction of our legal counsel, and under the supervision of the Monmouth County Sheriff for the State of New Jersey, we had to, as d...

0 15 years ago
The Sins of Our Fathers Movie

The video circles around the mission "The Sins of the Father", although I included a few other missions in this to help get across what is g...

0 15 years ago
Song Made From Call Of Duty 4 Gun Shots

Song Made From Call Of Duty 4 Gun Shots Song Made From Call Of Duty 4 Gun Shots...

0 15 years ago
Call of Duty 4 Demotivational Images

I was new to this concept of demotivational images when I read this news submission, but I caught on quickly and I think they're pretty funn...

0 15 years ago
CoD 4 HQ 3D shots!

The guys from the Panogames have releases 16 highly detailed Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare 3D shots. Read the little article below, and be...

0 16 years ago
New Unofficial CoD4 Teaser Video Released

JD from [url="http://www.codhq.com/"][b]CoDHQ.com[/b][/url] has released a new teaser video for Call of Duty 4, made entirely from the recen...

0 16 years ago
Call of Duty 4 - President Putin's Review

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his own very funny review of Call of Duty 4 SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer at GameTrailers.com (or as EO...

0 16 years ago
Call of Duty 4 Videos

Many of you have probably already seen these already, but I figured I'd post the link up again for those of you who have not. Check out the...

0 16 years ago
Two New CoD4 Videos at GameTrailers.com

[url="http://www.gametrailers.com/game/4735.html"][b]Click here[/b][/url] to check out the latest CoD4 footage at GameTrailers.com. :thumbsu...

0 16 years ago
GameTrailers.com Releases New CoD4 Trailer

There's an awesome new multi-player video showcasing the perks of CoD4 in action over at GameTrailers.com. [url="http://www.gametrailers.co...

0 16 years ago
New Call of Duty 4 Screenshots

A bunch of new screenshots for Call of Duty 4. Check out the eye candy below....

0 16 years ago