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Miscellaneous PeZBot Deathmatch Launcher

PeZBot Deathmatch Launcher was created to make setting up Cod4 PeZBots easier.No more editing desktop shortcut and command lines. No more en...


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Patches Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare v1.1 Patch

Official patch by Infinity Ward that addresses the issue of rank/stat resets when going from a modded servers to a non-modded server. The up...


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Mods Final Killcam 2.4

- Fixed some bugs. - Added functional Slow Motion in killcam. Report bugs to [email protected]


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Mods Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Mod - Call of Duty: Combined Warfare v1.0

Also features player models from MW2.


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Mods Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mod - Continual Warfare

Features editor specific maps and areas.


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Mods Call of Duty 4 Mod - CoD: Combined Operations v1.5

The latest version of Combined Operations includes more guns!


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Utilities CoD4 Demo Manager

CoD4 Demo Manager is a tool made to help COD movie makers.CoD4 DM allows you to quickly view and inspect cod4 demo files, export demo conten...


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Mods Call of Duty 4 Mod - Leetmod v1.8

We like to think of Leetmod as Call of Duty 4 with patch 1.8 (that was never released).


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Mods Visual Mod

graphic in-game, and you can also save it (This time it is written to your console_mp.log in the folder of this mod, from where you can copy...


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Maps mp_konrad v0.7

Copy mp_konrad folder into your cod4 usermaps folder.Open AWE4 mod and run map from consol: map mp_konrad


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Maps mp_desert v0.9

Copy mp_desert folder into your cod4 usermaps folder.Open AWE4 mod and run map from consol: map mp_desert


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Maps mp_crossfire_hl v1.0

Put your folder mp_crossfire_hl into cod4 usermaps folder.Open AWE4 mod and run map from consol: map mp_crossfire_hl


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Maps mp_drv0 v1.0

Copy mp_drv0 folder into your cod4 usermaps folder.Open AWE4 mod and run map from consol: map mp_drv0


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Maps mp_kuca001 v1.0

Copy mp_kuca001 folder into your cod4 usermaps folder.Open AWE4 mod and run map from consol: map mp_kuca001


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Maps mp_kuca001_jutro v0.9

Copy mp_kuca001_jutro folder into your cod4 usermaps folder.Open AWE4 mod and run map from consol: map mp_kuca001_jutro


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Media Rooftops Reveal Pictures

to complete it. So i decided (as it is 85% complete concerning the 3D design) to upload 4 pictures I capured from \"radiant\"(a cod 4 mappin...


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Maps VIP ( release )

Play as a member of a U.S. Recon unit and the Navy Seals to rescue President Namir. Features : 100% Original ScriptingHeavily modified Black...


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Maps mp_village_N

( is Beta of the new COD4 map mp_village_night.Supports: TDM, HQ, DOM, S&D, SAB, DM, CTF, CTFB and HT...


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Maps SP Pirita

Sokolov, who holds vital information about ultranationalist plans.


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Media xTeeJay's Community 'Tage - CoD4 Triple on Vacant

A triple on Vacant soon after spawning using an M40A3 with ACOG in TDM. Permission for use in xTeeJayy\"s CoD4 Community Montage ONLY!!!!


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Mods Modified Sniper Rilfes

best suits their needs. They all have their field of view set to 0 ( maximum zoom ) assuming the mod you are using has a sniper zoom of some...


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MOUT is an alternative singleplayer training mission. The player is taken through rifle qualification with a G36C and a short MOUT course.


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Skins NEW Blue Tiger

This is second skin made by me.This is HD Blue Tiger Mp-5. This is working on CoD4 ver 1.0 to 1.7. Have fun and make some comments because t...


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Skins Golden Black colt

This is first skin made by me. This is Colt workin on 1.0 version of the game.I try to do my best ....Have fun.


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Utilities GradoMaker Encore

Very user Friendly and easy to use.


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Utilities GradoMaker V2

It creates files called GPAD0_MP and GPAD0_CM. They are needed for mods.


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Maps mp_lagoa_rain

Alternate Version Of Lagoa discotheque in Chechnya with extra building,other misc in stormy rainMap size:mediumGame type: DM, TDM, SD, HQ, D...


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Maps mp_lagoa_snow

An old discotheque located in Chechnya with a snowy weather patternMap size:mediumGame type: DM, TDM, SD, HQ, DOM, SAB


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Skins High Resolution Blood Decals

Here's a new skin mod that changes how the blood splatters look in CoD4. The blood more detailed and the resolution has been increased from...


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Skins New Uzi and Scorpion skins

Hello, this is a simple skin mod that changes the Mini-Uzi into a greyish skin and the Scorpion's wood into orange and the metal into black....


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Mods Opfor Mod

The mod changes Marines to OpFor and vice-versa. The only map that currently works is "Charlie don't surf". Please note this is "Beta 1.0",...


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This is the first map of pbg laus. both teams join on one site and the fight is in the center of the map. it is a fun map with exploding bar...


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Skins Croatian modern 4th Guard Brigade

I made this for fun, the clothes on the uniform have a brand new texture with strong normal maps to imitate real life fabric.


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Maps BlindSide

Keep your eyes and ears open, and as always \"check those corners!\"


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Mods Firefight Sound Mod (COD4) (v1.2)

This mod changes the in-game weapon sounds to real recorded weapons to make it feel a bit more different than the original game.v1.2 Few Upd...


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Mods Call of Duty 4 Mod - Galactic Warfare v1.0

Galactic Warfare is a complete Star Wars conversion for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Play as a trooper of the Imperial Forces or as a sol...


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Utilities MasterColor

the public. Maybe someone will find it useful.


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Mods CoD4 Demon Mod

new killstreak adds the counter uav feature from both MW2 and Black Ops. Call it in, and the enemy radar mini map is entirely disabled. This...


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Mods Firefight (COD4)

(x86) next to Program Files on the single player installation script.


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Mods Improve Weapon for Cod4 SP

changes await you!


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Skins Zombie Zakhaev

higher resolutions.Hope you like it. Enjoy!


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Patches Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare v1.7 Patch

Call of Duty v1.7 fixes : Fixed an exploit that allowed players to access certain console dvars during multi-player matches. Fixed a crash t...


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Mods Frontlines R3L04D

Weapons Modes with 16 pre-defined modes. Airborne support in many gametypes let you be a paratrooper falling from the sky. 4 Different Suppo...


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Maps Citi Cemetery

bell that players can ring to attract other players, which also has crypt access.Other buildings include, crypt entrances,shacks and a Crema...


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Tutorials PBbusted

configs usualy finded like this: seta atem \"vstr atem2\" seta atem1 \"-holdbreath; atem vstr atem2\"seta atem2 \"+holdbreath; atem vstr at...


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Maps Hollow Pointe Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Map

has any issues with the level. The new name will be HollowPointe. Sorry for any issues this has caused anyone. HollowPointe is a multiplayer...


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Skins PowerPackage's W1200

Here is a silver W1200 Shotgun With Wooden Pump lever And Wooden Stock. This looks pretty good in the game, and comes recommended


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Skins PowerPackage's National Flags

Better In game


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Skins PowerPackage's MP ACUPAT

Another MP skin to go along with the SP version I created - here We have ACUPAT in MP Form! It looks very good ingame and is recommended, En...


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Mods Sniper Mod Extra



Mods Butterfly Knife

the model is fantastic and the colours don't look like a quick 'photoshop overlay paintbrush doing,' they look carefully done and best of al...


Skins Urban Warfare - Delta Force

pre-sets and gloves in Assault and Demolitions pre-sets.


Mods TrenchGun

WaW--> Animations: Yes--> Custom Animations Yes--> Custom Sound: No--> Camos No/// Credits ///- Treyarch --> Made model- Me--> Conver...


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Maps Mp_noscope

This is made by Game-home|Admin and is now on the beta version.This map can use on a No scope mod.


Mods Tex_2010 [COD4] CFG

This is my (Tex) latest cod4 config, everything is maxed out and you can still pull 250 FPS with a crappy computer!!


Skins Original Dragunov SVD63 Scope

This is the new Dragunov scope,taken by a real photo.I've tried to make the sights more realistic as I can.So now download and go to play!Ch...


Skins Scope Skin f b L z

really stick out in game!


Utilities Cleanup for COD4

clean Files to the Directory COD4clean COD4main...


Skins SS' officers finest - Black MP44

This black MP44 was once designed for the highest ranking SS officers of the Third Reich and hasn't lost its deadliness in any way when bein...


Skins Synthetic MPi.44

and the stock. Being the first more modern assault rifle of its era, the MPi.44, as the new gun is called, shall portray the contemporary su...