Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Operation Grand Heist

By Digz 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

Operation Grand Heist, an update for Black Ops 4 is now released on PS4 with Xbox and PC releases to follow that includes new content and events for Blackout, zombies and multiplayer game modes.

For multiplayer mode players can expect new ones, and a new specialist in the Outrider where let's just say you'll be flying an awesome drone and tagging your unsuspecting enemies, the Sparrow Special Issue Weapon will allow to fire away some explosive arrows too. A new team game is also being released called One in the Chamber and if you're a pass owner you'll get two new maps included with this update too.

For zombies a new gauntlet is released called Death-Con Five and a new perk named Ethereal Razor Perk which helps you give a ton of damage back against your zombie foes. Of course it would not be n update without new weapons in zombies too so look forward to trying those out. 

Last but not least there are new locations for you to play in for Blackout mode, with new vehicles and a hot pursuit mode for you try your hand in. If you've done enough to get to Echelon 80 then there is a new prestige system waiting for you to conquer.

There's plenty of new content in this update which all looks brilliant, Treyarch have also lined up future operation content updates for this year in each season, you can check out their trailer below and also head on over to Treyarch's blog to read the comprehensive overview of Operation Grand Heist here.


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