Could modding tools be coming to Black Ops 4?

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

The modding community have never been a focus for previous Call of Duty titles, but hope has been sparked that mod tools may be made available for the upcoming Black Ops 4 thanks to a tweet posted by the Treyarch's community manager, but not at launch.

While stopping short of making confirmation of the move, the exchange on twitter shows that the development team are looking into the possibility, and have not ruled out a post-launch release of modding tools for the game.

Development studio Beenox is handling the PC version of the game, which could mean that they have the resources to put together and release official modding tools for the game, although it will depend on what technical limitations, if any, prevent this happening.

It's not the first time that developers have given statements of this nature and never delivered any goods, but it's not a flat out denial or refusal, either, so the possibility exists. 

Do you think that Treyarch should release mod tools for Black Ops 4? Let us know below!


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