Call of Duty: United Offensive

Join the 101st Airborne for the climactic moments of the Battle of the Bulge. Fight as a British airman shooting down German ME-109's from the gunner position of a B-17 bomber, before transferring to...

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El Nastico Gigante's CoDUO Art Collection 2.97MB 17
Revolution 8.86MB 25
UO Utah Beach 6.49MB 56
Call of Duty Assault SP Campaign 219.03MB 491
GFM Extra Map Pack 33.39MB 91
Eastern Front Stuka 1.33MB 30
[40]BigNasty's Pistols to Mac11 for ZoXo MW Mod 3KB 20
CoDUO Camo Tiger Tank 796KB 43
4th SS Division Vehicles 821KB 44
Q3 Shotgun 442KB 60
GFM Map Pack 41.13MB 119
SPLinT_CeLL's Dark Camo SS Pzkpfw IV 501KB 41
SPLinT_CeLL's Panzer Camo Pack 1.46MB 19
SPLinT_CeLL's Tiger I for UO MP 16KB 60
The Gym 393KB 56
Bash Only Mod 64KB 66
Jrs Scoped MP44 for UO 592KB 94
Firefly56's Winter Map Pack 36.1MB 117
100% Real ME-109 Skin 1.21MB 71
PPS43 for UO 378KB 93
Modern Sniper Mod 11.23MB 175
Teddy Fight 701KB 58
SVT40 and PTRS41 Sniper Rifles 314KB 152
Modern Weapons for CoDUO 59.77MB 222
Bocage by {Ls} ( Loicus ) 472KB 59
Star Dust 12.84MB 107
Pvt Bryan's Mortar Thompson 4KB 71
CODUO Extra MP Weapons 81.72MB 224
xMas Mod 32.91MB 108
Snowball Mod 2.03MB 147
mp_HellBox 771KB 106
ForestGreen's Personal CoDUO File Collection, Maps 249.54MB 316
CSL Remix 5.05MB 94
xMas Mod 32.8MB 69
Mini Foy 7.2MB 174
xMas Mod 28.52MB 101
Jrs Mod 4.27MB 64
Norwegian Forest 951KB 109
Norwegian Forest 833KB 30
GhostriderJr's Weapon Mod 3.11MB 157
Aim Lights 4.12MB 94
Revolt 4x UO 210.15MB 214
GhostriderJr's Weapon Mod 2.74MB 64
GhostriderJr's Weapon Mod 2.54MB 55
The Dojo 6.47MB 434
Tenchu 6.41MB 134
Trench Defense 465KB 131
Jt Random 5.13MB 84
Trench Defense 268KB 52
De Dust 2 7.91MB 252